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Aaron Besson

Content Writer

Aaron writes about varied insurance topics at QuoteWizard. He enjoys the process of taking many sources of top information and bringing all the relevant info together for our users. In his free time he enjoys reading, photography, and making sense of home maintenance and upgrading.

Articles By Aaron

How to Start a Career as a Life Insurance Agent

Becoming a life insurance agent is a great career choice for those who like making new connections and helping people build a firm and protected foundation for their future.

5 Follow Up Emails to Send EVERY New Insurance Lead

Consider sending one of these five follow-up emails to your new insurance leads. Use them in a drip campaign to further nurture prospects.

5 Ways to Increase Insurance Sales Conversions

Use these 5 practical tips to increase your insurance sales conversion rate and raise your ROI from the leads you're already receiving.

The Best Sales and Marketing Tips for New Insurance Agents

New agents entering the insurance field often get overwhelmed in finding a sales groove. Here are the best tips for new agents to grow start a new agency.

4 Ideas to Help Your Website Generate More Insurance Leads

CTA is a crucial element of any website and most of the time is the part where a website lacks the most. We will discuss 4 pitfalls to avoid when creating a CTA.

Modern Day Insurance: The Customer-Centric Approach

The insurance industry is changing rapidly due to technology. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve and make more sales.

Health Insurance Now and to Come

Preparing for changes in health insurance is not a new thing, but staying up-to-date on the latest changes has never been more important.

Closing Out the Year for Insurance Agents

December ends another year. While it is traditionally a time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions for those in the insurance world, it is a fantastic time to assess the closing year from an insurance lead perspective.

Closing Live Transfer Leads

Live transfer insurance leads have proven to be a boom to today's insurance agents, find out the best way's to maximize your return.

The Best and Worst Ways to Generate Insurance Leads

Generating insurance leads is the practice that keeps your business going. Finding new means of gaining leads is part of the job, so looking for fresh ways to bring prospects to you is important. That

5 Types of Insurance Leads You Should Buy

Good leads are a pillar of your business. Knowing the types of leads available to you and how they work is integral to a successful lead strategy.

5 Things to Know When Buying Insurance Leads

What makes one lead better than another? How do you determine the right lead type for you? Here are 5 things to know before buying insurance leads.

Liability Car Insurance

What you don't know about auto liability coverage could hurt you (and your wallet). Learn how to choose the right liability car insurance for your needs.

Pet Injured in Car Accident

Many people love riding around in their cars with their pets. But what happens if you get into a car accident and your pet is injured? Are pets covered by your auto insurance in any way? Read on to find out.

Common Car Insurance Mistakes

Learn how to avoid costly mistakes made when shopping for car insurance. If you're looking for car insurance that's right for you, you've got to be informed. Read on to find how to avoid common mistakes

How to Choose a Car Insurance Company

Looking for (new) car insurance providers but have no idea where to start? Let us help you find the car insurance company that’s right for you, and your wallet.

Low Mileage Discount

If you don't drive a lot, you can save money on your car insurance premium with a low-mileage discount. Find out what companies offer the discount, and how to qualify for it.

Earthquake Insurance Basics

Home insurance doesn’t cover earthquake damage. Read on to find out what earthquake insurance is and if you need it.


Hurricane insurance coverage doesn’t exist as a single insurance policy. There are, however, different insurance types that work together to provide coverage from hurricanes.

Homeowners and Mortgage Payments

When buying a house through a mortgage lender, part of your monthly payment to them covers your home’s taxes and homeowners insurance.

Wind Damage

Extreme storms bring a list of threats to your home with them. Wind is one of the heavy hitters. Its key danger is the fact that it threatens almost every external part of your house. Is your home covered for wind damage? How much of it will your homeowners policy cover? Read on to find out.

Mold Damage

Does homeowners insurance cover mold damage? Not always. Keep reading to find out all you need about mold coverage and home insurance.

Hazard Insurance and Home Insurance

Hazard insurance covers the structure of a home. It’s similar to home insurance, but not quite the same thing.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance helps cover your belongings in your home from theft, fire, and many other dangers. Read on to see what contents are protected.

Foundation Repair Homeowners Coverage

Damaged foundations are costly and relatively common. Find out what types of foundation damage home insurance covers.

Do I Need Flood Insurance

A flood is one of the most destructive disasters that can happen to a home. Do you need flood insurance, and how much?

Plumbing insurance

Water damage from a broken pipe can cost you money and time. Find out if your plumbing leak is covered by home insurance.

Does Home Insurance Cover Basement Flooding

When your basement floods, what your homeowners insurance covers depends on what caused the water damage.

Sewer Insurance

Different sewer line problems are covered by different types of insurance. Find out what insurance you need to cover your sewer.

Home insurance roof leaks

Whether your home insurance will cover your leak depends on how the leak was caused. Read on to see if your home insurer will repair or replace your roof after a leak.

Sinkhole Insurance

Sinkholes pose danger to your home, but home insurance usually doesn’t cover it. Find out how to get sinkhole coverage.

Mine Subsidence

If you live in an area with a history of mining operations, mine subsidence can be a threat. Keep reading to find out what mine subsidence means for your home insurance needs.

Dog Breed Insurance Rates

Your family dog can be a factor in whether you can get homeowners insurance. Find out if your dog is an insurance liability.

What to do if Your Home Insurance Claim is Denied

Home insurance companies deny claims for a variety of reasons. But homeowners have a few different options for recourse.

Public Insurance Claim Adjusters

After you file a claim, you might not feel satisfied with the result. A public adjuster can help you negotiate a better settlement.

Does Home Insurance Cover AC Units

Homeowners insurance covers your home’s air conditioner in many, but not all, situations. Read on to see if your damaged AC is covered by insurance.

Credit Score

If you’re looking to rent an apartment or home, you may be required to get renters insurance. What is and isn't covered? How does your credit score affect getting a policy? How do you get a good premium if you have bad credit? This article means to help you answer many of the questions involved.

Coverage for Doulas

Doulas are becoming a more common part of American childbirth. Read on to learn more about doulas, what they do, and whether your health insurance covers them.