The Myth of Auto Insurance for a Red Car

There is a rumor that red cars have higher insurance costs than cars of another color. But that's not actually the case.

At some point in time, a myth started going around that red cars cost more to insure. There is no data to support this. Color has no impact on your car insurance rates, and red cars do not have higher insurance rates.

There are factors that affect the auto insurance rates of red cars, but they’re the same factors that affect the premiums of cars of any color. The make, model and year of your car, and your driving and claims history have a much greater effect on your auto insurance premium than the color of your car. This article will go over:

Do red cars cost more to insure?

In a word: no. Not at all. The color of your car has absolutely no bearing on the car insurance rates your insurer quotes you. The clearest evidence for this is that auto insurance companies do not ask for the color of your car when you are requesting a quote. It doesn’t get much clearer that they don’t care about that factor.

While the color of the car has no bearing on your auto insurance premium, the quality of your paint job might. Custom car paint jobs have higher replacement costs than a stock paint job after an accident, so that cost difference may be reflected in your yearly premium. This won't be an issue for a standard paint job, even if it's red.

Do red cars get pulled over more often?

Despite the myth that red cars get more speeding tickets, there is no real data that shows this to be the case. The notion that flashy red sports cars are cop magnets is one that we’ve all heard. However, police will pull you over more for how you’re driving than what you’re driving. Erratic behavior behind the wheel will get the officer’s attention regardless of what kind of car you have, so keep an eye on the speed limit.

Factors that do affect your car insurance premium

Knowing which factors may increase your auto insurance premium is more important than what doesn’t affect it at all. Here are some consistent factors that may shape your yearly auto insurance cost:

  • The make, model and age of your car
  • How expensive the vehicle is
  • How much you drive
  • Where you live
  • Your age
  • Claim history
  • Auto insurance policy coverage, limits and deductible

When getting a quote for auto insurance, make sure to ask your provider about which discounts are available to you. Almost all of the factors involved with calculating your car insurance premium have a discount of some sort associated with them. Optimize your discounts to get the best auto insurance rate possible.

How to insure a red car

Clearing up any myths there may be about owning a red car is only part of what you need to know about getting your best auto insurance for it. Consider these three tips when insuring your red car.

Compare car insurance rates

Compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies to find an insurance policy that fits your needs. You'll be able to compare several car insurance policies to find the one that suits your needs. Don’t confuse "cheapest" with "best." If you’re saving money by not buying the auto insurance coverage you actually need, you’re not really saving money.

Raise your liability limits above the state minimum

No matter what state you live in, odds are your minimum liability coverage required is insufficient if a major accident occurs. While there are many myths revolving around red cars, there may be some validity to the idea that red cars get into more accidents.

The reason posed for this that the color red is a very commonly seen one on the road. Emergency lights and street signs share the color red. Its frequency on the road may actually reduce your chances of being seen by other drivers.

Regardless of your car's color, raising liability coverage beyond the legal minimum requirement is always a good idea. And it's surprisingly affordable to add higher liability limits to your policy.

Get collision insurance

While liability coverage helps with accidents you’re responsible for, it does nothing for your own damages. If someone damages your cherry red convertible in an accident, you’re going to want to have collision auto insurance. This will provide protection regardless of what auto insurance the other driver has.

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