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What and Where Is My Car Insurance Policy Number?

Your car insurance policy number is your unique link to your car insurance policy. It's on your insurance card.

A car insurance policy number is your connection to your car insurance policy. Your car insurance company assigns this number to you when you buy coverage, and it's specific to you and your policy.

The policy number will vary in length, and can contain both numbers and letters, depending on your car insurance provider. If you have a multi-car insurance policy, you may have either one policy number for all of them, or different numbers for each of them.

Your auto insurance policy number should be on the card that your insurance company provides for you when you buy insurance. It should be on almost all hard copy documentation associated with your car insurance coverage as well. Many major car insurance companies also have ways to access your policy number through their websites and smartphone apps.

What is a car insurance policy number?

A car insurance policy number is a unique number assigned to you by your car insurance company. It helps identify you and your policy, similar to a bank account number.

Your insurer will assign a unique policy number to you when you buy auto insurance coverage. Depending on your car insurance provider, your car insurance policy number will be eight to 13 characters long. Here are some examples of what car insurance policy numbers can look like:

  • 0123456789
  • 12345678-9
  • 1 23 456789 01
  • 123 4567-A89
  • CAR 012345678

If you have more than one vehicle on the same car insurance policy, they may share the same policy number or be slightly different. The policy numbers for two cars on the same policy may be “01234567-8” and “01234567-9”, for example. There is a possibility of different policy numbers for different drivers on your policy, as well.

Your policy number will stay the same as long as you have the policy. If your policy should lapse for any reason, the number may change if a new auto insurance policy needs to be started.

Where is my car insurance policy number?

Your policy number can be found in multiple locations. It will be on your insurance card and the declaration page of your policy. If you’re getting a hard copy of monthly statements from your insurance company, the policy number will be on them as well.

If you’re waiting for your auto insurance policy to be finalized, the policy number will be in the insurance binder you’re given while payment of your policy goes through. If you have none of these available, you can access the number through your insurance company’s website or smartphone app.

Why do I need an auto insurance policy number?

You will need your car insurance policy number when interacting with your insurer. This is how they can access your insurance information. They can do it by your Social Security number, but that may not be safe to give out over the phone if strangers are nearby.

If you’re involved in a car accident, you will want to have your policy number on hand so you can share it with the other driver or drivers. They will need to have your policy number in order to file an insurance claim for their damages.

If you have your auto insurance bundled with other insurance, such as your renters, home or life insurance, your car insurance policy number will be necessary to access that individual insurance info. Despite being in a bundle, all insurance policies in it will have separate policy numbers.

If you can’t find your policy number information

If you are unable to find your car insurance information, you can ask your insurer to mail you new documentation. Most providers let you download your insurance card online. It has your information and policy number on it, and it’s faster than the mail and equally valid.

Most major insurance providers have smartphone apps that include an electronic insurance card that has your policy number and other relevant information for ease of access if you’re in an accident or pulled over.

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