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Managing Editor, SEO

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    University of Wisconsin-Madison (BA in Journalism and BA in Art History)

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Bryan Ochalla has worked as a writer and editor for over 20 years across several industries. He has worked at QuoteWizard for more than seven years and currently serves as the company’s Managing Editor, SEO. Bryan enjoys educating people on important topics like insurance that can be difficult to understand. His work has been cited by Boston 25 News, Becker’s Hospital Review, MSN and Yahoo.

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Life Insurance for People with Health Issues

If you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other pre-existing conditions, this doesn't exclude you from being covered by life insurance.

Life Insurance For People With Pre-Existing Conditions

These nine pre-existing conditions can make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to obtain life insurance. Our useful tips that can help you get it anyway.

How Life Insurance Companies Calculate Your Rates

Learn which factors have the largest impact on life insurance premiums, along with ways to potentially lower your life insurance costs.

No-Exam Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Most life insurance policies require a physical exam, but some can be had without one. While they tend to be much more expensive, there are times when they make sense.

Life Insurance After Retirement

Do you really need to own or buy life insurance after you retire? It depends. Here are some examples of when you need it and when you don’t.

Life Changes and Life Insurance: Getting Married

Most married couples without children think they don't need life insurance, but many of them could benefit from it.

Life Changes and Life Insurance: Having a Baby

There may not be a more compelling reason to buy life insurance than having a baby. As is the case with being a parent, though, there's a lot to learn and consider.

Why Young People Should—or Shouldn’t—Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance tends to be viewed as a product that young people—especially single ones who don’t have children—don’t need. But there are a number of reasons for them to buy it.

8 Things to Know About Tobacco Use and Life Insurance

If you smoke or use any kind of tobacco products, read these tips before you shop around for life insurance.

10 Reasons People Don't Buy Life Insurance

Many people could benefit from a life insurance policy but still choose not to purchase one. Learn why they should give life insurance another look.

How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Designating beneficiaries for your life insurance policy is a big deal. Learn how to choose beneficiaries and avoid making mistakes that could lead to problems down the road.

Thinking About Buying Mortgage Life Insurance? You May Want to Think Again

Mortgage life insurance may sound appealing. But you should probably ignore it unless you have a sizable mortgage, or you're unable to afford or obtain traditional life insurance due to health issues.

Life Insurance Myths Debunked

“On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” — Chuck Palahniuk

The Many Types of Whole Life Insurance

Read this if you're having a hard time making heads or tails of all the different kinds of whole life, permanent, or cash-value life insurance products.

13 Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Learn how to avoid these 13 common but costly mistakes many people make when they buy life insurance.

What are the Differences Between Term Life and Whole Life Insurance?

Learn the differences between term life insurance and permanent life insurance so you can pick the one that's right for you and your family.

20 Things You Need to Know and Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

This information will help you decide how much coverage you need, how long you’ll need it, and what you can afford to pay.

15 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Fixed Deferred Annuity

Fixed Deferred Annuities can be confusing, so you’ll probably want to learn as much as you can about them before you purchase one.

Life Insurance FAQ

Answers to our most frequently asked questions about life insurance. If you have a question, we have an answer.

Life Insurance Basics

This type of insurance can help you secure the financial future of your loved ones.

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Obamacare: When was this health-insurance-related law enacted, why was it enacted, and what does it do. What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you and your family? Read on to find out…

16 Obamacare Myths & Misunderstandings

Six years after it was signed into law, "Obamacare" continues to spawn myths and misinformation, as the following 16 misconceptions prove.

The Obamacare Coverage Gap

Several states decided not to expand Medicaid resulting in the Obamacare Gap. Find out what it could mean for you if you live in one of these states.

Is Obamacare Working?

The Affordable Care Act turned the American healthcare system on its head when it became the law of the land in 2010. The question is: did it do so in a good or bad way? It depends on who you ask.

All You Need to Know About Health Insurance Co-ops

Created by the Affordable Care Act, these cooperatives were supposed to expand Americans’ health insurance options. Some did, but many others failed. Here’s why, and what that means for you going forward.

The Best and Worst Health Insurance Exchanges

About half of US states set up ‘exchanges’ to help their citizens obtain health insurance in the wake of the Affordable Care Act’s passage. Here are the best and worst ones.

Medicare and Hospice Care

Thankfully, Medicare pays for most hospice care if you meet certain conditions. Here’s when and how Medicare covers hospice costs.

Medicare and COPD

Millions of Americans are living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Most rely on numerous drugs, treatments, and services to keep symptoms under control. That can be expensive. If you’re on Medicare, though, it’ll cover a lot of those costs. Here’s how – and what you can do if it doesn’t cover enough.

Health Insurance and Nursing Homes

Will Medicare, Medicare Advantage, MedSup, and other health plans help you pay for nursing home care? As is often the case with this kind of coverage, the answer here is “it depends.”

Do Health Insurance or Medicare Cover Assisted Living?

A lot of Americans rely on assisted living in their golden years. So of course, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Supplement plans cover its costs, right? Actually, the answer to that question may surprise you.

Does Medicare Cover Medical Equipment and Devices Like Scooters, Hospital Beds, and Blood Sugar Monitors?

Original Medicare helps older (and some younger) Americans pay for a lot of things, but does it help them pay for these and other medical devices, equipment, and supplies? Read this article to find out.

Lowering Your Medicare HealthCare Costs

The older you get, the more you pay for healthcare. That's true even when Medicare's safety net protects you. Here are some things you can do to save money on medical costs as you age.

Is Medicare Enough? What’s Covered and What's Not Covered?

Original Medicare covers a lot of medical treatments and services, but it doesn't cover everything. Here are some supplemental insurance plans you can buy to get the full health coverage you need.

Understanding Your Medicare Coverage Options

Health insurance choices change when you turn 65. Let us help you find your ideal plan.

The Guide to Medicare: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have questions about the U.S. health insurance program known as Medicare? You'll find answers to all of them here.

The Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans: Everything You Need to Know

You've likely heard of Medicare Advantage if you're over a certain age. But do you really understand what it is and what it covers? If the answer is 'no,' this article's for you. It'll tell you all you need to know about these increasingly popular plans.

Do Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medigap plans pay for medical treatments in foreign countries?

Here's when and how these insurance policies for older Americans do and don't cover getting health care outside the U.S.

What Kinds of Mental Health Care Do Medicare and Medigap Cover?

Millions of Americans deal with mental illness every year. Although Medicare and Medigap cover some related treatments and drugs, they don't cover all of them.

Medicare Open Enrollment 2024 Dates and Details

Here is everything you need to know about Medicare open enrollment for 2024.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: How They Differ

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Here’s what they cover, who can get them, how much they cost and more.

The Best Medicare Supplement Companies

Here are 10 of the best Medicare supplement insurance companies to consider while shopping for a Medigap plan.

Medicare Part G: What Does It Cover? What Does It Cost?

Medicare Supplement Plan G is a popular and comprehensive MedSup plan. Here's why it may be the best MedSup plan for you.

Medicare Part F: What Is It? What Does It Cover? What Does It Cost?

Medicare Part F is the most popular Medicare supplement plan around. Here’s why, plus what it covers and costs.

Medicare Supplement and Medigap Plans FAQ

What is Medicare supplement insurance? How do Medigap plans differ? Here are answers to those and other MedSup questions.

When is Open Enrollment for Health Insurance 2024?

Here are all the dates, deadlines and details you need to know to get health insurance coverage for 2024.

Domestic Partnership Health Insurance

It’s easier than you might think to get health insurance for unmarried couples. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get it and how it differs from other health coverage.

Health Insurance and Chemotherapy

Does insurance cover chemotherapy? It does, but that’s just part of the story. Here’s everything you need to know about how different health plans cover this cancer treatment, how much it costs with and without insurance, and how cancer insurance fits into the picture.

High-Deductible Health Insurance

What is high-deductible health insurance? How is it different from other kinds of health insurance? And can you save money with a high-deductible health plan? You’ll find answers to each of those questions and many more in this article.

Why is My Health Insurance So Expensive?

Why do you pay so much for health insurance? And how can you pay less for it? We'll help you answer those questions.

Health Insurance for People with Pre-existing Conditions

By law, most health insurance plans have to cover people with pre-existing conditions. But which plans are the best? Which ones are the worst? And which ones don’t have to cover those conditions? You’ll find answers to all these questions and more here.

Health Insurance for People with Diabetes

Most health plans now cover this common disease to some degree. But what should you consider while buying health insurance if you have diabetes? You’ll learn about that and more.

Health Insurance and Orthotics Coverage

Here is everything you need to know about how, when and why health insurance does and doesn’t cover orthotics.

Health Insurance Special Enrollment Periods and Qualifying Life Events

Did you miss buying health insurance during the yearly open enrollment period? You can still get coverage during a special enrollment period. To qualify for one, you need a “change in situation.” Here’s what that means and what you can do about it.

Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

Health insurance doesn’t cover medical marijuana, but it does cover some FDA-approved drugs containing synthetic weed.

Does Health Insurance Cover Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy helps people regain life skills lost through injury or illness. So, health insurance should cover it, right? Yes, most health plans do cover it – but how they do so can vary widely.

Does Health Insurance Cover Chiropractors and Chiropractic Care?

Most health insurance plans cover at least some of the costs of chiropractic care. Here's when, how and why they do so.

Does Health Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery?

Millions of Americans go under the knife every year to enhance their appearance in one way or another. Does health insurance cover those procedures?

Health Insurance for People with Asthma

Asthma can be a complicated condition to treat and manage. And those complications often make living with the chronic disease expensive. Health insurance provides some relief, but only if you have the right plan. Here’s all you need to know about how various US health plans do and don’t cover asthma care.

Health Insurance and Sports Medicine

If you’re injured doing something athletic, you may have to see a sports medicine specialist for treatment. But will health insurance cover the initial visit and any resulting care? It depends on your policy and even on your injury, as you’ll learn in this article.

Health Insurance and Tax Deduction Claims

Health insurance is expensive. You can make it less so, though, if you deduct some of what you spend on it from your taxes. Here’s all you need to know about when you can and can’t write off health insurance expenses as well as how you can do so.

Does Health Insurance Cover Sleep Disorders?

Many people have trouble one of several well-known sleep disorders. Here’s what you need to know about how health insurance covers sleep disorders

Health Insurance Plans for Individuals

Individuals have more options than ever when it comes to getting health insurance away from a job. But which individual health insurance plans are the best in this kind of situation? And where can you buy them?

Health Insurance and Essential Oil Aromatherapy

The history of essential oils dates back thousands of years. But does health insurance cover those treatments? You’ll learn about that and more here.

Health Insurance for People with Disabilities

If you have a disability, having good health insurance is a must. Find out what insurance covers disabilities, and how you can get covered.

Does Health Insurance Cover Medical Alert Systems?

What are medical alert systems? How do they work? Who needs them? Who sells them? How much do they cost? And, perhaps most importantly, does health insurance cover them? You’ll answers to those questions and others here.

Understanding Health Insurance Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Maximums

Along with copayments and coinsurance, these are two of the most basic components of a health insurance plan. What are the differences between deductibles and out-of-pocket limits?

Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy or Counseling?

Most health insurance plans cover at least some mental health care. That includes Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid plans.

Does Health Insurance Cover Hearing Aids and Hearing Tests?

Hearing loss is a fact of life for millions of Americans, yet U.S. health insurance plans provide spotty coverage for hearing tests, hearing aids, and the like. Here's all you need to know about why that is and what you can do about it.

Health Insurance and Birth Control or Contraceptives

Women (and men) who want or need to use birth control have a ton of options these days. But do U.S. health plans usually cover those contraceptives? You’ll find answers to that question and many others in this article.

Health Insurance and Eye Care Coverage

Much like dental and hearing care, standard health plans in the U.S. rarely cover vision care. Why is that the case? And what other insurance options are available to Americans who want to cut their eye-care costs? Keep reading for answers to both questions and many more.

Low-Cost Health Insurance

Health insurance isn't known for being overly cheap, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to find affordable plans that will properly cover you and your loved ones. Here are a number of options to consider.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Which medical services do these temporary health plans cover? What don't they cover? How much do they cost? Who should and shouldn't buy them? Here are answers to those questions and more.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Dental Care?

Most health insurance plans don't cover dental care. There are exceptions, as well as dental-specific insurance plans.

Alternative Birth Options and Health Insurance Coverage

Although most women in the U.S. deliver babies in a hospital, that's far from their only option these days. Here's how health plans treat alternative birth options.

Unexpected Pregnancy Costs and How Health Insurance Covers (or Doesn't Cover) Them

Having a baby is stressful and expensive enough without throwing unexpected costs and issues into the mix. Thankfully, U.S. health plans cover quite a few of them.

Expected Pregnancy Costs and How Health Insurance Covers (and Sometimes Doesn't Cover) Them

Having a baby can be expensive--even if everything goes as planned. Here's how much various components of a "typical" pregnancy tend to cost and how your health plan is likely to cover (or not cover) them.

What Does Health Insurance Cover After Pregnancy?

You probably already know that most U.S. health plans cover a lot of prenatal care. But did you know they cover a lot of postnatal care, too? Here's all you need to know about the many services and treatments insurance usually covers after you have a baby.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan for Your Pregnancy

If you want to have a baby, you need health insurance. Here's how to get the best health plan for your pregnancy.

Maternity Health Insurance Coverage During Pregnancy

For many people, giving birth is the single most important yet expensive healthcare event in their lives. Having proper health insurance and maternity coverage is vital for expectant mothers.

Health Insurance: When to Use the ER and When to Use Urgent Care

Going to the ER for medical care is expensive. Yet millions of Americans do it every year. Here's why that is--and why you should go to an urgent care center or a doctor if your illness or injury isn't an emergency.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Flu Shots and Vaccinations?

Most health plans cover flu shots and other vaccines, including employer, marketplace, Medicare and Medicaid plans.

How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

What health insurance should you get? Our guide will help you answer this question and pick the right health plan for you.

Which Medical Treatments Are Covered By Health Insurance?

From mental health care to physical therapy, not all plans are created equal. Find out which treatments are covered by your health insurance plan and which are not.

Will My Health Insurance Pay For Prosthetics?

Millions of Americans need artificial body parts to lead active lives. Most health plans pay at least some of the related costs, but that's not the whole story. Here's all you need to know about how insurance covers prosthetic devices.

Health Insurance and Preventive Care

Here's everything you need to know about how different health plans cover--or don't cover--various forms of preventative health care.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for My Prescription Drugs and Medications?

Although most U.S. health plans cover medications, they don't always do so in the same ways or to the same extent. Here's everything you need to know about how different health insurance plan types deal with prescription drugs.

Health Insurance and Abortion Coverage: Do Health Plans Pay for an Abortion?

Where you live has a lot to do with whether or not you have access to health plans that cover abortion. Also important: whether you get insurance through a job, the federal and state marketplaces, or programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

Everything You Need to Know About Child-Only Health Insurance

Looking for health insurance for children? We can help you learn more about child-only health plans.

What is the Health Insurance Subsidy and How Do I Qualify for It?

As long as Obamacare continues to exist, you can save money on health insurance coverage via premium tax credits if you meet certain criteria. Here's everything you need to know about these important subsidies.

Does Health Insurance Cover Alzheimer's and Dementia Care?

Experts expect the number of people living with some type of dementia to skyrocket in the coming years. Will health insurance or Medicare cover all the related costs if you're one of them? It depends on the plan, your financial situation, and more.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?

Here's everything you need to know about how different health insurance plans cover — or don't cover — physical therapy.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Weight-Loss Treatments?

Millions of Americans are overweight and even obese. That means millions of people in the U.S. need to lose weight. Here's all you need to know about whether or not your health plan covers various weight-loss treatments and services.

Everything You Need to Know about Travel Medical and Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

Consider buying either Travel Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance, or both of these products if you want to be covered while traveling outside the U.S.

Does Health Insurance Cover Your Medical Care When You Travel Abroad?

Getting ready to go on an international vacation or trip? Make sure you know what your health plan will or won't cover if you visit a doctor or hospital abroad before you leave.

Understanding Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements

You know that Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement your health insurance company sends out after you visit a doctor, clinic, or hospital? Here's how you can make sense of all the information included on it.

What Kinds of Mental Health Care Does Health Insurance Cover?

Today's health insurance plans do a better job than ever of covering mental health services and treatments. Here's why and how they provide that coverage.

How can I get health insurance if I'm a part-time employee?

Here are your options if your job doesn't provide health insurance coverage.

Cadillac vs. Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans

Although both of these types of health policies begin with a "c," that's nearly all they have in common. Keep reading to learn more about them how they differ from each other.

Long-Term Care Insurance FAQ

Don't buy long-term care insurance until you read these answers to the most frequently asked questions about long-term care insurance.

Health Insurance and Senior Citizens

Seniors have more options when it comes to obtaining health insurance than any other segment of the population. Here’s some information about, and expert advice for, each of them.

Long-Term Care Insurance Basics

Long-term care is expensive, and this type of insurance can help you pay for some or all of the services provided by long–term care.

How to Dispute Medical Bills and Health Insurance Claim Denials

Here’s how to file an appeal if your health insurance denies your medical bill or insurance claim.

The Best Affordable Health Insurance for College Students

If you are, or are going to be a college student, you have many options when it comes to getting health insurance coverage while keeping costs low.

Which Type of Health Insurance Plan is Right for You?

Looking for health insurance but don’t know an indemnity plan from a Preferred Provider Organization? We’ve got you covered.

11 Questions That Will Help You Pick the Right Health Insurance Plan

Not sure how to choose a health insurance plan that’s right for you? We can help.

Health Insurance for Children

Here are the main options available to you if you’re a parent looking to obtain health insurance for one or more of your children.

10 Common Health Insurance Mistakes

Learn how to avoid 10 common but costly mistakes people often make while shopping for health insurance coverage.

Everything You Need to Know to Apply for Health Insurance

Looking to enroll in a new individual or family health insurance plan? Don’t submit an application for health insurance until you read this!

Does Renters Insurance Cover Car Break-Ins?

Renters insurance covers items stolen from your car after a break-in but not the car itself. Here's what you need to know.

Renters Insurance and Additional Living Expense Coverage

Assisted living expense coverage helps pay your increased costs if you need to relocate after your rental home is damaged or destroyed.

SAIP Dollar a Day Insurance in New Jersey

The Special Automobile Insurance Policy is New Jersey’s dollar-a-day car insurance program for Medicaid-eligible drivers.

SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

You may need SR-22 insurance in Illinois after you’re convicted of a serious driving offense. Find out how to get it.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in California

Drive without car insurance in California and you could be fined, lose your driving privileges and pay higher auto premiums.

Insurance for Modified Cars

Does standard car insurance cover modified vehicles? Or do you need special coverage for modded cars? Find out here.

Luxury and Exotic Car Insurance

Find out what kind of insurance you need for a luxury or exotic car and how much exotic and luxury car insurance costs.

SR-22 Insurance in South Carolina

You may need SR-22 insurance in South Carolina if your license is suspended. Here’s how much it costs and where you can get it.

How Much Is Insurance for a Tesla?

Tesla insurance is expensive, but it can be cheaper if you buy it from a company like Progressive or GEICO.

The Cost Benefit of Defensive Driving Courses

Find out how completing a defensive driving course can help lower your car insurance premium.

Insuring a Leased Car: What You Need to Know

You need to buy car insurance for a leased vehicle, but how much you need to buy and how much you pay for it often varies by leasing company.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Here are the best auto insurance companies based on price, customer satisfaction, discounts and other features.

8 Things You Need to Know About Cars with Rebuilt Titles

Cars with rebuilt titles can save you money. But they can also be risky. Here's what you need to know before you buy one.

How Long Does a Speeding Ticket Stay on Your Driving Record?

Speeding tickets usually stay on your record for three to five years. Here's how your insurance rates are affected.

Red Light Cameras, Speeding Cameras and Car Insurance Rates

Find out when, why and how tickets from speeding or red light cameras impact your car insurance rates and driving record.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting Deer or Other Animals?

If you have the right kind of auto insurance, it should cover car damage caused by hitting a deer or other animal.

How Does a DUI Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Car insurance rates go up an average of $124 a month after a DUI. Learn why, plus the best insurance companies for DUIs.

9 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Wondering what to do after a car accident? Our nine steps include staying put, taking photos and exchanging information.

What Happens When You Get a DUI

Serious penalties, like losing your license and seeing your car insurance rates skyrocket, often follow DUI convictions.

The Best Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

Do you have multiple accidents or tickets on your record? Here’s how to get cheap car insurance as a high-risk driver.

Graduated Driver License Programs for Teen Drivers

Learn why states offer graduated driver’s licenses, what they (usually) consist of, and how they lower the teen accident rate.

Why Did My Car Insurance Company Raise My Rates?

Wondering why your car insurance went up? Here are the most common reasons for auto insurance premium increases.

How Do Driver’s License Points Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Tickets and traffic violations can add points to your driving record. Here's what that means and what to do about it.

Borrowed Car in Accident: Whose Insurance Pays?

What happens if someone borrows your car and gets into an accident? The short answer is your car insurance pays.

Key Car Insurance Terms You Need to Know

If you want to understand car insurance quotes and pay the lowest rates for auto coverage, get to know these words.

What If I Can't Afford Car Insurance?

Can’t afford auto insurance? Here’s how to lower your premiums and also keep the coverage your state requires.

What is Subrogation for Car Insurance Accident Claims?

In this article, we explain what subrogation means, how subrogation works, how long subrogation takes and more.

What Is an Insurance Binder?

An insurance binder provides temporary proof of insurance until an actual insurance policy is in hand.

What Is an Auto Insurance Score?

To get your best car insurance rate, you need a good insurance score. Here’s what that means and how to raise your score.

SR-22 Insurance in Tennessee

You may need SR-22 insurance in Tennessee after your driver’s license is suspended. Here’s where you can get it, how much it’ll cost you, and more.

How Much Does Car Insurance Go Up After an Accident?

Car insurance rates go up 42% after an accident, on average, though how much yours go up depends on several factors.

The 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies

Find out which car insurance companies are the largest in the market (and why it matters).

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Car insurance covers hail damage if your policy has comprehensive coverage. Should you file a claim for it? Find out here.