Homeowners Insurance Rate Factors

Everything you need to know about homeowners insurance rate factors and tips for filing claims including dog breeds, natural disasters, and more

Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

If your homeowners policy excludes or limits coverage for your dog's breed, it's time to shop for a dog-friendly insurance company.

Does Home Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Homeowners insurance covers some natural disasters, but not all. Find out when your insurance can step in to cover you after a natural disaster.

When to Hire a Lawyer to Improve Your Home Insurance Claim Settlement

If you filed a home insurance claim and weren't happy with your insurance company's decision, you can hire a lawyer to try to improve your settlement.

How Trampolines Affect Home Insurance

Trampolines are not automatically covered by home insurance. Check your policy before you install one in your yard.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water can do significant damage to your home quickly. Learn here when home insurance does and does not cover it.

Homeowners Insurance for Older Homes

Older homes have a higher risk for an insurance claim. This can raise your insurance rates. We can help find the right policy.

Credit Scores and Homeowners Insurance Rates

Your credit can affect your home insurance rates. Learn how to keep your credit score high and home insurance rates low.

What Does a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster Do?

After you file a claim, you might not feel satisfied with the result. A public adjuster can help you negotiate a better settlement.

Who Gets the Insurance Claim Payout on a Mortgaged Home?

If you mortgage your home and file a home insurance claim, the money may not go directly to you from your insurer.

How ISO Fire Ratings Affect Your Home Insurance

ISO ratings measure a community's fire preparedness in the case of emergency, which can affect your home insurance rates.

What Happens If My Home Insurance is Cancelled or Not Renewed?

We can help you learn what to do if your homeowners insurance policy is cancelled or not renewed by your provider.

Flood Zone Insurance: How Location Affects Your Rates

Flood zones play a big role in deciding your flood insurance cost. Here's how to learn your zone and estimate your rates

Home Insurance Cost Factors: How Your Rate is Decided

Home insurance rates are based on a variety of factors. Find out what they are, and how you can save.

Home Insurance Discount for Security Systems: What to Know Before Buying

Alarm systems can earn you a discount on your homeowners insurance, but the upfront cost may outweigh the benefits.

What If I Can't Get Home Insurance?

If you are unable to get homeowners insurance for a high-risk home, follow these steps to find the coverage you need.

When Not to File a Home Insurance Claim

Filing a home insurance claim isn't always the best course of action. This article can help with the decision.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Swimming Pools

Home insurance usually covers pools, but coverage differs between above-ground and in-ground pools. We'll explain here.

What to Do if Your Homeowners Insurance Claim is Denied

If your insurance company refuses to pay for damage to your home, here's how to make it honor its contractual duties.

Smart-Home Technology and Homeowners Insurance

Our homes are more ‘connected’ than ever before, but what does that really mean for you, your wallet, and your home insurance? Read on to find out.

How Your Roof Affects Your Insurance Rates

Home insurers pay a lot of attention to your roof. Learn here what they look at and how to reduce your insurance costs.

Does Home Insurance Cover Theft?

Home insurance usually covers your stuff from theft and burglary. Learn about theft coverage, exclusions and filing a claim.

How and When to File a Home Insurance Claim

Knowing what to do when you have to file a home insurance claim can make a difference in how successful the claim is.