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Why Life Insurance?

How much does your spouse, or your children, or even your parents or your siblings, depend on you financially?

If your answer to that question is "quite a bit," you’re a candidate for buying some form of life insurance.

This type of insurance secures your loved ones' futures by providing for them financially should something happen to you.

The Many Types of Life Insurance

How you provide for your spouse, children, parents, or siblings depends on which kind of life insurance policy you purchase.

Term life insurance covers you for a specific number of years. The longer the time period, the higher the premiums, and vice versa.

Cash value life insurance, on the other hand, grows a cash value up to its maturity date. You can use or borrow against that amount in various ways without canceling the policy.

Term life insurance premiums tend to be lower than cash value policies. But the former don’t build up cash values like the latter do.

Decisions, Decisions

There’s more to shopping for life insurance than just choosing a term or a cash value policy.

Should you decide to buy a cash value product, you'll have to whittle things down yet again. Next, you'll have to choose between a whole life, universal life, or variable life policy.

You'll want to answer the following questions regardless of which type of policy you purchase:

  • Will my premiums or benefits vary from year to year?
  • How much, or how quickly, will the benefits build up in this policy?
  • What portion of the premium or benefits isn't guaranteed?

Life Insurance Comparison Shopping

Once you've completed these steps, you'll be ready to compare life insurance quotes from many companies. Then you can use that knowledge to figure out which one is right for you.

QuoteWizard can help you do just that. We'll connect you with custom-matched agents who will find you an affordable life insurance policy. One that will protect your loved ones and their financial futures.

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