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Driving in the Bay State? Here’s all the data from industry and state sources to help you can get the best auto insurance in Massachusetts.

Average Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates

How much is car insurance in Massachusetts? If you’ve been driving in Massachusetts, you know that auto insurance is high here. MA drivers pay an average of 1,058.50 a year. The national average is 889.01 yearly. Your rate will vary depending on your level of coverage, driving history, and number of claims in your zip code.

Massachusetts (MA) Average Annual Car Insurance Rates 
Coverage   Rates  
Liability  $606.04 
Collision  $388.28 
Comprehensive  $134.96 
Total Cost Per Year  $1,058.50 
Price Per Month  $88.20 
Source: Facts + Statistics: Auto insurance 

The graph below shows the change in average Massachusetts rates from 2011 to 2015, the most recent year the data is available. According to the III, Massachusetts car insurance rates increased from $942 in 2011 to $1,035 in 2015, a jump of $116 dollars, or 12.35 percent. 

Massachusetts average car insurance rates

Source: Facts + Statistics: Auto insurance

Finding the right car insurance in Massachusetts for your needs and budget doesn’t have to be stressful. Then again, you want to make sure that whichever company you choose is the right fit, and that means comparing car insurance rates! 

Comparing auto quotes can be time-consuming. With a little help from QuoteWizard , you’ll have a policy in no time. We’ll connect you with top auto insurance companies so you can find the best coverage at the best price. 

Most Popular Auto Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

These are the most common car insurance companies of Massachusetts QuoteWizard users last year. Out of 94,319 drivers in Massachusetts who used QuoteWizard to request insurance quotes, 10,276 were unemployed.

Are you looking for high-risk auto insurance? If it’s challenging to find a policy through one of our insurers, make sure to check out the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan (MAIP). The MAIP is there to make sure you get the minimum liability insurance you need to get on the road.

Are you a teen driver or the parent of one? You probably know how hard it can be to find good, affordable teen driver insurance. Our studies show that car insurance for teens can cost an average of $438 a month . AAA, Progressive, and GEICO are good places to look for teens.

Top 10 Vehicles

These are the most popular cars owned by QuoteWizard users in Massachusetts:

  1. Toyota Camry LE 
  2. Honda Accord EX 
  3. Toyota RAV4 
  4. Honda Civic LX 
  5. Nissan Altima 2.5 
  6. Ford F150 
  7. Nissan Rogue S 
  8. Honda CR-V EX 
  9. Jeep Cherokee Laredo 
  10. Toyota Corolla L  
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Massachusetts Car Insurance Rate Factors

Massachusetts auto insurance rates are higher than the national average largely because the state is one of the few with no-fault insurance . With no-fault insurance, drivers receive claim compensation regardless of who causes an accident. States with no fault laws have higher than average insurance rates. Other premium cost factors based on region include percentage of uninsured drivers, local driver history, and auto theft rates.

Uninsured Drivers

6.2 percent of Massachusetts drivers are uninsured. This puts them at the third lowest number of uninsured drivers in the country, which is twice below the national average of 13 percent. Areas with high numbers of uninsured drivers often see higher insurance rates. 

Best and Worst Drivers

Our recent study found that Massachusetts ranks 22nd for worst drivers in the country. This ranking reflects DUI, speeding ticket, citation, and crash data in Massachusetts in 2018. If you live in an area with a large number of traffic incidents, it can hike up your rates.

Stolen Vehicles

Nationally, Massachusetts has the 20th highest rate of auto theft. Thieves find some vehicles more attractive than others. If yours is one of them, your insurer may consider it high-risk.Following is the top ten most frequently stolen cars in MA. See if yours is one of them:

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau: 2017 Hot Wheels Report 

  1. 1997 Honda Accord 
  2. 2000 Honda Civic 
  3. 2007 Toyota Camry 
  4. 2016 Nissan Altima 
  5. 2016 Toyota Corolla 
  6. 2004 Ford Pickup (Full Size) 
  7. 2001 Honda CR-V 
  8. 2003 Dodge Caravan 
  9. 2000 Jeep Cherokee 
  10. 2015 Toyota RAV4  

Car Insurance Discounts in Massachusetts

Carriers offer a wide range of discounts to their policyholders. Here are some that may be of benefit to Massachusetts drivers:

  1. The average Massachusetts household has two cars . If you or your family own more than one car, you could qualify for a multi-car discount .  
  2. 7.2 percent of Massachusetts drivers carpool. If you’re often in the passenger seat on the way to and from work, let your insurer know. Less time behind the wheel means less chance of being a road risk. There could be a discount for you.  
  3. Do you already have a home or life insurance policy? Ask your insurance company if you can bundle it an auto policy. Bundling helps you save money on both.  
  4. Going to college is pricey as it is, so there’s no sense in spending money you don’t have to. If you carry a “B” average or higher, your carrier might have a good student discount.  
  5. Massachusetts drivers cover only 3,556 miles a year  on average. Insurers often require you to stay under 10,000 miles for a low mileage discount. See what yours has to offer. 
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Massachusetts Car Insurance Laws

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Massachusetts

Massachusetts law requires all drivers to carry minimum 20/40/5 auto insurance. This means your policy must have at least:

  • Liability for bodily injury or death of an individual in a single accident: $20,000  
  • Liability for bodily injury or death of all individuals in a single accident: $40,000  
  • Liability for property damage: $5,000  

Massachusetts also requires the following additional coverage:

  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury per person: $20,000  
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage per incident: $40,000  
  • Personal injury coverage: $5,000  

Recommended Coverage

Distracted driving  is contributing to the increasing cost of auto insurance in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, these rate hikes affect all drivers in Massachusetts, even those with a clean driving record.

Besides the threat to your safety, car accidents can cost you money if you’re not properly covered. Collision  coverage is an excellent addition to your policy to protect you in these instances. With distracted driving accidents on the rise, adding collision coverage is a smart move.

Minimum liability covers what the name says: the minimum. If you do end up in a car crash, your liability coverage only takes care of the other driver’s expenses. Also, keep in mind how quickly the cost of a crash can exceed minimum liability limits. As such, we recommend:

  • Individual body injury liability: $100,000
  • Total bodily injury liability: $300,000
  • Property damage liability: $100,000

Required Proof of Insurance

Massachusetts requires drivers to show proof of auto insurance to law enforcement upon request. You are not required to carry physical proof because the info is provided digitally by insurers.


If your license is suspended, Massachusetts requires you to file an SR-22 . An SR-22 shows that you maintain the minimum liability coverage. You’re usually required to maintain an SR-22 for three years. If the certificate lapses, your license can be suspended again. Before you reinstate your license, you will have to renew the SR-22, and you may be required to pay a fee.

Totaled Cars with Salvage or Rebuilt Titles

If you crash your car and the repair cost is more than it is worth, your insurer will consider it totaled.Each state has different criteria  for gauging totaled cars. Massachusetts uses a total loss formula (TLF). The cost of repairs is added to the car’s salvage value. If the sum equals the actual cash value of the car, it is totaled.

Buying insurance for a salvage or rebuilt title car tends to be challenging. The best you usually find is a high premium. Some insurers will not cover these titled cars. 

Massachusetts Traffic Safety Laws

Distracted Driving

To decrease accidents because of distracted driving, Massachusetts bans texting for all drivers. Furthermore, drivers under 18 are banned from using cell phones while driving.


If you are found driving in Massachusetts with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher, you are guilty of driving under the influence (DUI), which is sometimes referred to as operating under the influence (OUI). In Massachusetts, the terms are interchangeable.

Depending on the number of DUIs are on your record, you could face license suspension, prison time, and over $50,000 in fines.

Regardless of the penalties, your premiums will increase. Our research shows that you can expect to pay on average $830 more a year  for auto insurance. This assumes you can find a carrier to insure you after a DUI.

Senior Drivers

When you reach 65 years of age, odds are you will see your auto insurance rates increase . If you have kept your record clean, the increase should be minimal. However, as you get older, your rates will increase more.

Massachusetts requires all drivers 75 and older to renew their license in person. A vision test is required at the renewal time as well.

Cars Registered in Another State

If you are driving a car registered in a state other than Massachusetts, you are required to carry the minimum coverage required by the home state. You must be able to show proof of insurance upon request from law enforcement. 

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