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Looking for auto insurance in Georgia? We have everything you need to know to get a sweet deal on car insurance in the Peach State.

This page touches on coverage requirements, state insurance laws, risks, and other useful info for Georgia drivers.

Average Georgia Car Insurance Rates

How much does car insurance in Georgia cost? Average rates in the state are a hair above the rest of the country. Auto insurance rates average $896.50 a year in Georgia. The national annual average is $889.01

The type of car you own, driving history, zip code, and number of claims can affect your rate.

Georgia (GA) Average Annual Car Insurance Rates
Coverage Rates
Liability $557.38
Collision $331.83
Comprehensive $159.18
Total Cost Per Year $896.50
Price Per Month $74.70
Source: Facts + Statistics: Auto insurance

This graph shows the increase in car insurance rates from 2011 to 2015, the most current data available. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Georgia car insurance rates went up from $754 in 2011 to $896 in 2015, an 18.89 percent jump.

Georgia average car insurance rates

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Most Popular Auto Insurance Companies in Georgia 

These are the most common car insurance companies reported by QuoteWizard users living in Georgia last year. Out of the 115,555 Georgians that used QuoteWizard to request insurance quotes, 11,251 had no insurance. 

Which company is right for your insurance needs? Check them out side by side on our company comparison page. We’ve compiled overviews of the biggest insurance companies in the country.

Are you a teen driver or the parent of one? You’re going to want to find the best, most affordable rate. Teen driver insurance is expensive. Our study shows that teen car insurance costs $438 a month on average. 

If you’re looking struggling to find insurance due to a bad driving record, check with the Georgia Automobile Insurance Plan (GAIP). It’s there to help you get the minimum required insurance. 

Top Ten Vehicles

These are the most commonly owned cars of QuoteWizard users in Georgia

  1. Ford F150
  2. Honda Accord EX/LX
  3. Chevrolet Silverado
  4. Ford Ranger
  5. Ford Explorer
  6. Toyota Camry LE/XLE/SE
  7. Ford Mustang
  8. Nissan Altima 2.5 S
  9. Ford Taurus
  10. Chevrolet Impala
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Georgia Car Insurance Rate Factors

Georgia auto rates are just a bit above the national average. Certain factors unique to Georgia impact insurance rates across the whole state.

Uninsured Drivers

Georgia has the 25th highest rate of uninsured drivers in the country. If there are many uninsured drivers in your state, county, or zip code you can see an increase in your premium.

Best and Worst Drivers

Living in an area with bad drivers can make your insurance more expensive. Our national study shows that Georgia ranks the 15th highest for worst drivers in the nation. We compiled this list based on speeding ticket, citation, crash, and DUI reports in Georgia. We looked at cities under the same microscope and found that Atlanta came in as the 26th worst driving city in the country.

Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles

Georgia has the fifth most auto thefts in the country. Georgia’s high rate of auto theft is a problem for all Georgian drivers. That raises rates for all drivers, especially those who drive commonly stolen cars. This is a list of the most stolen cars in Georgia. Look over it and see if your ride is high-risk:

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau- 2017 Hot Wheels Report

  1. 2006 Ford Pickup (Full Size)
  2. 1997 Honda Accord
  3. 1995 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
  4. 2017 Nissan Altima
  5. 2017 Toyota Camry
  6. 1998 Honda Civic
  7. 2016 Dodge Charger
  8. 2016 Toyota Corolla
  9. 2008 Chevrolet Impala
  10. 2016 Chevrolet Malibu

Car Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies offer a wide array of discounts for their policyholders. Here are some for Georgians:

  1. There are 13 military bases in Georgia. If you are current or retired military personnel, check and see if your insurance company has a military discount
  2. The average Georgia household has between two and three cars. If you are one of them, look into a multi-car discount.
  3. If you already have a home or life policy, your insurer probably has a bundle deal for you. Bundling your policies would help you save money on both of them.
  4. There are 85 colleges and universities in Georgia. Students holding down a B average or better probably qualify for a Good Student discount.
  5. Retirees love Georgia. If you are 55+ years of age or retired, it can reduce your rates.

Georgia Car Insurance Laws

Minimum Car Insurance Requirement in Georgia

Georgia insurance law requires drivers to have minimum liability insurance of 25/50/25. This breaks down to:

  • Bodily Injury Liability per person: $25,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability per incident: $50,000
  • Property Damage Liability per incident: $25,000

Recommended Coverage Levels

Georgia’s auto insurance rates are higher than average. Why? One reason is the high rate of accidents. Unfortunately, high car crash rates affect all drivers. Not only does it hike up your premiums but puts you at greater risk. In order to protect yourself from the financial woes that come after a crash, add collision coverage.

Minimum auto insurance covers pretty much what the name says – the minimum. It’s unwise to think it’s all you need. Should you have an accident, liability will cover the other driver’s damages, but you’re on the hook to pay for your own. Even then, it’s easy to exceed minimum liability levels. We recommend:

  • Individual Body Injury Liability: $100,000
  • Total Bodily Injury Liability: $300,000
  • Property Damage Liability: $100,000

Required Proof of Insurance

You must be able to provide proof of insurance upon request from Georgia law enforcement. Acceptable proof includes:

  • A valid insurance ID card
  • Proof of insurance filed by your insurer on the Department of Revenue’s database. The file can be verified here.

SR-22 Requirements

If you have a suspended license in Georgia, you may need to file an SR-22. The SR-22 indicates that you maintain the minimum liability insurance required. Georgia state law requires you to keep the SR-22 for three consecutive years. If you cancel the SR-22, your insurer will notify the state government and the suspension is reinstated.

Georgia is one of three states that uses a SR-22a form as well. In Georgia, the SR-22a is known as the GA Responsibility Insurance Certificate. It is usually required for repeat offenders of SR-22 laws. You are required to pay an SR-22a in full within six months.

Totaled Cars with Salvage or Rebuilt Titles

If your car is damaged in a crash and the repair cost is close to the value of the car, your insurance company notes it as a total loss. Total loss cars get a salvage title. If the car is repaired to road-worthy status, it gets a rebuilt title.

States have different laws regarding totaled cars. In Georgia, a Total Loss Formula (TLF) is used to calculate the car’s current cash value. Your insurer will add the car’s repair cost and its scrap value. If this sum is equal to or greater than the car’s actual cash value, it is totaled.

Finding insurance for salvaged or rebuilt cars can be a huge hurdle. Be prepared for a higher premium. Some insurance companies won’t even touch these titles.

Georgia Traffic Laws

Distracted Driving

Last year, Georgia enacted its first distracted driving law. Handheld devices are prohibited while driving unless calling to report an emergency and a few other special situations. Using a hands-free device is acceptable.


Driving in Georgia with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08 or more is a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offense. Depending on the number of offenses you have on your record, penalties range from:

  • 24 hours up to five years in prison
  • $300 to $5000 in fines
  • One year to indefinite license suspension
  • Installing an Ignition Interlock Device after the second offense

You can also look forward to an auto insurance rate increase after your first DUI. Our studies show that you can pay $830 more a year in premiums after a DUI. This assumes you can find an insurer who will cover you after a DUI.

Senior Drivers

After you turn 65, you will probably see a rate increase. If you have a clean record then the first increase will be negligible. However, you can expect to see your rates go higher as you get older.

Georgia law requires drivers 60 or older to renew their licenses in person at the DMV every five years. Drivers over 64 are required to take a vision test at the time of renewal. Written and road tests may be required depending on situations.

Cars Registered in Other States

If you’re in Georgia and driving a vehicle registered in another state, you are required to carry the minimum insurance required by that state and proof of insurance.

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