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Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona

CSAA and GEICO offer the cheapest car insurance in Arizona, according to QuoteWizard’s survey of the companies serving the state.

Our data shows that Arizona drivers pay an average of $335 per year if they buy the minimum amount of car insurance the state requires from CSAA, which is an affiliate of AAA. And Arizona drivers pay an average of $744 per year for full-coverage car insurance if they get it from GEICO.

Compare those rates to the state averages for car insurance coverage. A typical driver in Arizona spends $642 annually on minimum coverage and $1,240 annually on full coverage, based on our research.

GEICO and CSAA aren’t the only companies that provide affordable car insurance in Arizona, of course. State Farm, Trumbull and USAA also offer low rates to the Grand Canyon State’s drivers.

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Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Arizona?

CSAA offers the cheapest state-minimum auto insurance in Arizona, with a $335 average annual premium. GEICO offers the cheapest full-coverage auto insurance in the state, with a $744 average annual premium.

These average annual premiums are based on rate quotes collected from the state’s providers for a typical driver.

GEICO’s state-minimum coverage is among the cheapest in Arizona, too. The average rate of $351 per year it offered our sample driver is only $16 per year more than what CSAA offered for the same kind of policy.

cheapest state-minimum car insurance in Arizona

USAA, Trumbull and State Farm also offered low rates for minimum car insurance coverage. USAA’s average quote was $428 per year, while Trumbull’s was $429 per year and State Farm’s was $432 per year. All three are more than $200 per year less than the state average for this type of coverage.

These same five companies lead the way in terms of full-coverage car insurance, too — with full coverage usually including liability, collision and comprehensive protection.

cheapest full-coverage car insurance in Arizona

Although the average rate GEICO offered our standard driver was $744 per year, CSAA’s average rate of $786 per year was only $3.50 more per month.

As for State Farm, Trumbull and USAA, their quotes were within striking distance of GEICO’s as well. Trumbull’s average rate for a full-coverage policy was $808 per year. State Farm’s and USAA’s were $838 and $851 per year, respectively. That puts all three around $400 less than the state average for such policies.

What are the best car insurance companies in Arizona?

CSAA, GEICO and Trubull offer the best car insurance in Arizona, according to our research of the state’s providers.

CSAA: best for cheap minimum coverage

CSAA offered our sample driver an average rate of $335 a year for state-minimum car insurance. That’s more than $300 a year cheaper than the Arizona average for this kind of policy.

Although it’s possible you’ve never heard of CSAA, you probably have heard of AAA. CSAA is affiliated with AAA, so buying coverage from CSAA gives you access to the stability, service and discounts AAA has become known for over the 106 years it has been in business.

GEICO: best for cheap full coverage

GEICO offered our sample driver an average rate of $744 a year for full-coverage car insurance. That’s almost $500 a year cheaper than the state average for such coverage.

GEICO is a good option if you’re looking for minimum liability coverage, too. The average annual rate it offered was almost as low as what the leader in this area, CSAA, offered. Also, at $351 a year, it was nearly $300 lower than the state average.

Trumbull: runner-up for cheapest rates

Trumbull is another good option for people looking for cheap auto insurance in Arizona. And this is true whether you’re looking for cheap state-minimum coverage or cheap full coverage.

The average annual rate Trumbull offered our sample driver for minimum coverage was $429. That’s $94 per year more than what CSAA offered, but it’s also $213 per year less than the state average.

Also, the average annual rate Trumbull offered our sample driver for full coverage was $808. This is $64 per year more than what GEICO offered and $432 per year less than the state average.

Something to keep in mind about Trumbull is that it’s an affiliate of The Hartford. As you may know, The Hartford works with AARP to provide auto and home insurance to the latter organization’s members.

The three best car insurance companies in Arizona also are among the state’s most popular car insurance companies.

GEICO, our top choice for cheap full-coverage auto insurance in Arizona, is the state’s largest and most popular provider of car insurance. According to data from S&P Global, GEICO writes just under 16% — 15.76%, to be exact — of Arizona’s auto insurance policies.

State Farm is right behind it, writing 15.67% of the state’s auto policies. On a related note, State Farm comes in first among the largest car insurance companies in the U.S.

Company Arizona market share
State Farm 16%
Progressive 12%
Allstate 9%
Farmers 7%
Liberty Mutual 6%
American Family 5%
The Hartford 2%
Source: S&P Global

CSAA, our choice for cheapest minimum car insurance coverage in Arizona, is 10th in terms of market share. It writes around 2% of the state’s policies. And our runner-up for cheapest rates, Trumbull, is an affiliate of The Hartford, which sits in ninth place.

What are Arizona’s minimum car insurance requirements?

Arizona law requires drivers to show proof of financial responsibility before they can register a vehicle with the state. Most people do that by getting at least 15/30/10 car insurance coverage.

What does 15/30/10 mean when it comes to auto insurance? It means your policy must include a minimum of:

  • $15,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person.
  • $30,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident. 
  • $10,000 of property damage liability coverage.

These are just the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements, however; you can buy more coverage if you want to do so. Depending on your car’s value and several other factors, you may want or even need to buy comprehensive or collision coverage as well.

If you’d rather not buy car insurance to prove financial responsibility as an Arizona driver, you can do so with a bond, a certificate of deposit or cash in the amount of $40,000.

Penalties for driving without insurance in Arizona

Driving without car insurance in Arizona can be costly.

If the state catches you driving without insurance or some other proof of financial responsibility, it could:

  • Ticket and fine you between $500 and $1,000.
  • Suspend your vehicle registration and driver’s license.
  • Impound your vehicle.

Also, if you cause an accident without auto insurance, you might be sued. And if you decide to buy coverage down the road, you may pay higher rates than you would otherwise.


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