Nick VinZant

Nick VinZant

Senior PR Specialist

Nick VinZant is a Senior Research Analyst and Insurance Expert at QuoteWizard. A former journalist, Nick spent years covering the insurance, business, technology and transportation industries. He is a graduate of Kansas State University.

Articles By Nick

Vacant Cities, Packed Suburbs: Rent in America Is Changing

Americans are moving, and it’s changing the price of rent nationwide. Our team of analysts found that this reshuffling has dramatically changed the number of available apartments in almost every state, creating a significant issue of supply and demand that has reversed long-standing trends in the price of rent.

The Safest States for Summer Travel

Looking for the best vacation spot? Our analysts go beyond the travel deals to make sure that cheap vacation doesn't turn into an all-inclusive nightmare. We look at everything from driving dangers and crime rates to health statistics to find the safest states to travel to on your next vacation.

The Rising Fear of Eviction or Foreclosure

High housing costs, a potential end to a moratorium on evictions and prolonged unemployment have many Americans worried about keeping a roof over their heads. We found that nationwide, nearly 20% of people (1 in 5) are worried they will face foreclosure or eviction in the next two months.

A Growing Crisis: Drug Overdose Deaths in America

Our team of analysts found that drug overdose deaths have risen by nearly 27% in the last year. Nationwide, more than 87,000 people died of an overdose in 2020, nearly 20,000 more than in 2019.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Fueled Fraud Crimes in the U.S.

In every state, in almost every category, fraud is on the rise — and it’s costing people billions of dollars. Our team of analysts found that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, fraud reports have increased by more than 30%, ultimately costing Americans more than $2.3 billion dollars in 2020.

Unaffordable Housing: Housing Costs Race Ahead of Income

Housing prices are rising fast. Income is not. Our analysts looked at a decade’s worth of housing and income reports to find the least affordable states - places where housing costs are racing ahead of income.

Pandemic Fuels Rise in Mental Health Prescriptions

The number of Americans prescribed mental health medication has gone up almost 7% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This increase means that nearly 65 million people (1 in 5) are now taking prescription medication to help them cope with stress, anxiety or depression.

A Year At Risk: Race, Ethnicity and COVID-19

People of color have disproportionately borne a greater share of the pandemic’s toll. As a proportion of the population, people of color have a higher rate of COVID-19 cases and deaths per 100k people, lower vaccination rates, higher rate of frontline and essential workers, less ability to work from home, and a higher rate of unemployment.

Loss of Opportunity: Women and COVID-19

With fewer jobs, unequal access to healthcare and more exposure to COVID-19 on the frontlines, our data suggests that women - especially women of color - have disproportionately borne a greater share of the pandemic’s toll.

Which states are staying home. And is it working?

It’s been nearly a year since the first cases of COVID-19 led to lockdowns, travel warnings and stay-at-home orders. But how many people have actually stayed home? And is it working? QuoteWizard Bureau of Transportation Statistics and found that the number of people staying home varied widely by state.

States With the Most Medical Debt and Greatest Disparities Between Health Care Costs and Middle-Class Income

Recent trends in health care costs, health care coverage, medical debt and household income have contributed to growing disparities between different income groups in the United States.

Top States for Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine

Best and worst states at vaccinating their residents against COVID-19. State and national governments are carrying out their vaccination plans in order to distribute the vaccines effectively and efficiently.

Riskiest Places to Travel During Spring Break

Spring Break in 2021 will not only have the dangers of road conditions but the added health dangers of traveling during a pandemic. However, depending on where you’re traveling this year those risks can be greater than other destinations.

Most Dangerous Roads During COVID-19

We analyzed driver behaviors in each state to see which states have the most dangerous roads during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

States with the Worst Road Infrastructure

QuoteWizard analyzed road infrastructure data to see which states ranked overall for worst road infrastructure.

States With the Highest Rate of Skin Cancer

Ranking all 50 states on the rate of new melanoma cases. The states with the highest rate of skin cancer will surprise you.

Most Dangerous States for Motorcycle Riders

Which states are the most dangerous for motorcycle riders? We ranked each state to find where it's most dangerous to ride your motorcycle

The Best and Worst Drivers in the United States, by City

Ever think to yourself, “My city has the worst drivers in the world”? Your fellow drivers that drive too fast or too slow. Drivers who cut you off or camp out in the left lane.