Key findings:

  • Mid-sized sport cars most accident-prone cars on the road.
  • Minivans and SUVs least accident-prone cars on the road.
  • Luxury sport car brands Infiniti, Lexus and Acura are among most accident-prone cars on the road.
  • Dodge and Chrysler minivans rank among least accident-prone cars on the road.
  • Corvette is surprisingly one of the least accident-prone cars.
  • Tesla Model 3 and its autopilot feature ranks among least accident-prone cars.

Have you ever been cut off by someone driving a sports car and will forever associate that car with bad drivers? Have you ever been stuck behind a minivan going 60 in the left lane? We all have experiences on the road that make us stereotype drivers by the cars they drive. “Oh of course this BMW is riding my bumper and will race past me.” “Pass this SUV in front of us, they’re driving so slow!” We’ve all been there.

We here at QuoteWizard wanted to see if the data matches the assumptions many people have about the cars, they share the road with. We looked at insurance quote data to see which cars have the highest and lowest rate of accidents. Typically, reckless driving behaviors like speeding and following too close result in a higher chance of an accident. Safe driving behaviors like following the speed limit, will keep drivers from accidents.

We looked at the top 20 most and least accident-prone cars on the road and the various stereotypes of cars and their driving behaviors are mostly true. The most accident-prone cars are generally mid-size luxury cars. The Infiniti Q50, Lexus GS350 and Acura TLX were luxury sports cars that were among the most accident prone. These are the types of cars that blow past you going 75 in a 40 MPH zone. On the other end of the spectrum, the least accident-prone cars are mostly SUV and Minivans. As you would expect, these cars are not built for speed, so people don’t drive them like a racecar. However, we’ve all been stuck behind a slow driving minivan full of kids after their soccer game.


QuoteWizard analyzed insurance quote data from users of to find which car models have the highest and lowest rate of accidents. To do this, we evaluated the rate at which drivers reported an accident on their driving record when filling out an auto insurance quote with Rankings show which cars had the highest and lowest rate of accidents based on driving history of accidents.

Most accident-prone cars on the road

Rank Class Make Model
1 Sedan Hyundai Sonata
2 Luxury Sport Infiniti Q50
3 SUV Jeep Patriot
4 Luxury Sport Lexus Gs 350
5 Compact Volkswagen Jetta
6 Luxury Sport Acura Tlx
7 Compact Mazda 3 Sport
8 Mid Sized Crysler 300
9 Compact Honda Civic Si
10 Mid Sized Nissan Altima
11 Truck Toyota Tundra
12 Compact Toyota Corolla
13 Truck Toyota Tacoma
14 Mid Sized Kia Optima
15 Compact Ford Focus
16 Compact Volkswagen Gti
17 Compact Kia Rio
18 Mid Sized Ford Fusion
19 Truck Dodge Ram 2500
20 Compact Chevrolet Cruze

Least accident-prone cars on the road

Rank Type Make Model
1 SUV Ford Explorer
2 Minivan Dodge Caravan
3 Sports Chevrolet Corvette
4 Minivan Chrysler Town & Country
5 SUV Hyundai Santa Fe
6 Compact Dodge Neon
7 SUV Chevrolet Trailblazer
8 SUV Chrysler Pacifica
9 SUV Kia Sorento
10 Luxury Sport Tesla Model 3
11 SUV Nissan Armada
12 SUV Ford Expedition
13 Luxury Sport Mercedes E 320
14 Minivan Toyota Sienna
15 SUV Buick Rendezvous
16 SUV Lincoln Navigator
17 SUV Cadillac Escalade
18 Compact Dodge Caliber
19 SUV GMC Yukon Xl
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