It’s no secret that millennials and their preceding generations gen x and baby boomers are divided by more than just their generational age gap. But are those generational differences also reflected in the cars they drive? According to our auto insurance data, gen x and baby boomers drive larger and more expensive cars than millennials in Washington State.

We looked at the top 5 cars that millennials drive compared to what gen x and baby boomers drive in Washington State. This is what we found:

Popular cars driven by millennials

Rank (millennial) Make Model MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)
1 Honda ACCORD $23,720
2 Honda CIVIC $21,650
3 Toyota CAMRY $24,095
4 Toyota COROLLA $19,600
5 Toyota PRIUS $24,200

Popular cars driven by gen x

Rank (gen x) Make Model MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)
1 Honda ACCORD $23,720
2 Toyota CAMRY $24,095
3 Ford EXPLORER $36,674
4 Toyota COROLLA $19,600
5 Honda CIVIC $21,650

Popular cars driven by baby boomers

Rank (baby boomer) Make Model MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)
1 Toyota CAMRY $24,095
2 Honda ACCORD $23,720
3 Ford F-150 $28,495
4 Toyota COROLLA $19,600
5 Ford EXPLORER $36,674

Millennials drive cheaper cars compared to gen x and baby boomers

We found that, on average, the top 5 cars millennials in Washington drives are cheaper than the top 5 cars gen x and baby boomers drive. Millennials drive cars with an average MSRP of $22,653, while gen x averages $25,148 and baby boomers drive cars with a $26,517 average MSRP. Millennials are spending nearly $2,400 and $3,800 less than their generational counterparts.

Millennials may be the largest age group in the U.S. workforce, but they still pay less for their cars. Maybe that’s because they make 20% less than their parents did at their age. Or because the cost of living in Washington State is becoming increasingly expensive, especially in the Seattle area where there’s a high concentration of millennials.

Gen X and baby boomers drive bigger cars compared to millennials

There are three car models that show up on each generational list, which all generations like to drive. Other than those three vehicles, the types of cars each generation prefers to drive begins to contrast in size

Our data shows that millennials are more inclined to drive small to mid-size vehicles, lower in MSRP. Baby boomers, on the other hand, have more variety in their most popular cars. There are two large car models and the Ford F-150 and Ford Explorer. Millennials have no SUV or trucks in their top five.

Maybe that’s because millennials are drawn to urban areas across the U.S., Seattle included. Small and mid-size cars are more desirable in the city, whereas baby boomers tend to retreat to the suburbs or rural areas where driving a truck or large car is practical. Millennials are also known for being proponents of public transit and alternative modes of transportation. Using rideshare services like Uber, or car sharing services like Reach Now, are often preferred alternatives than purchasing more expensive cars.

According to Kelley Blue Book’s list of the best-selling cars of 2019, neither baby boomers nor millenials in Wash. follow the car trends of the rest of the country. None of the top five best-selling cars from KBB showed up in our data.


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