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Grange, Westfield, State Farm and GEICO offer the cheapest car insurance rates in Tennessee, according to QuoteWizard research.

Our data shows that a standard Tennessee driver pays $253 a year for the minimum amount of auto insurance the state requires if they buy it from Grange. And they pay $327 and $333 a year for minimum coverage if they buy it from Westfield or GEICO, respectively.

That same sample driver pays $632 a year for full-coverage car insurance if they get it from Grange. They pay $770 and $779 a year for full coverage if they get it from State Farm or GEICO, respectively.

All of these amounts are far below what most drivers in Tennessee pay for auto insurance each year. Based on our survey of the state’s insurers, the average driver in Tennessee pays $505 annually for state-minimum coverage and $1,053 annually for full coverage.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the above, as well as:

What is the cheapest car insurance in Tennessee?

According to the rates we gathered for a typical driver, Grange offers the cheapest minimum car insurance in Tennessee, with a $253 average annual premium. Grange also offers the cheapest full-coverage car insurance in the state, with a $632 average annual premium.

Grange isn’t the only company that offers drivers in Tennessee affordable car insurance. Our data shows that many other providers offer auto coverage that is cheaper than the state average.

cheapest minimum car insurance in tennessee

In fact, we found 10 insurers that offer minimum coverage that is cheaper than the state average of $253 per year, or $21 per month.

Besides Grange, the cheapest options for state-minimum car insurance in Tennessee are Westfield, GEICO, State Farm and Erie, based on our survey. All four companies offered our sample driver yearly rates that were less than $350.

Our data shows three of those four companies are among the best and cheapest options for full-coverage car insurance in Tennessee, too. Although Grange offered us the most affordable rates of the providers we surveyed, State Farm, GEICO, USAA and Erie weren’t far behind.

cheapest full-coverage car insurance in tennessee

The rates we got from each one were less than $850 per year — and that’s quite a drop from the state average of $1,053 per year, or $88 per month, for full coverage.

Of course, the cost of car insurance is determined by many rate factors, including where you live and the kind of vehicle you drive. Your driving record also plays a role.

What are the best auto insurance companies in Tennessee?

Grange, Westfield and State Farm are the best car insurance companies in Tennessee, based on our survey of the state’s providers.

Grange: best rates overall

Drivers who want or need affordable auto insurance in Tennessee should get a quote from Grange when shopping for a policy. The rates Grange sent our sample drivers were cheaper than any other company for both state-minimum and full-coverage car insurance.

How much cheaper were the rates Grange sent us? Its quote for minimum coverage was $74 cheaper than runner-up State Farm’s quote. And its quote for full coverage was $138 cheaper than the one we got from State Farm.

Although Grange is a small insurance company that serves only 13 states, it provides drivers in those states with more than just low rates. It offers the typical types of auto coverage, including uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, plus glass repair, roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

Westfield: runner-up for cheap minimum coverage

If you only want to buy the minimum amount of car insurance Tennessee law requires, get a rate quote from Westfield, too. The rate Westfield offered us was the second cheapest of the providers we surveyed, at $27 per month, or $327 per year.

Westfield may not be quite as affordable when it comes to full-coverage auto insurance, but it’s still pretty cheap. The annual premium of $904 it sent our sample driver was $149 less than the state average for this kind of coverage. That’s a savings of more than $12 a month.

Like Grange, Westfield is a small insurance company — it serves just 10 states. It makes up for its lack of size with plenty of products, though. A few noteworthy examples: gap coverage, medical payments and personal injury protection.

State Farm: runner-up for cheap full coverage

Do you want the cheapest full-coverage car insurance in Tennessee? Check out State Farm as well as Grange. The rate quote State Farm sent our driver for a full-coverage policy was $138 more per year than Grange’s. And it was $283 less per year than the state average.

State Farm is a good option for Tennessee drivers who want state-minimum car insurance, too. It offered the fourth-cheapest rates for minimum coverage of the companies we surveyed, at $342 per year, or $29 per month.

Although we found Grange to be the cheapest and best car insurance company in Tennessee, it isn’t the state’s most popular provider. According to data gathered from S&P Global, Grange writes less than 1% of Tennessee’s auto insurance policies. That puts it in 18th place in terms of state market share.

Which provider is the state’s most popular? That would be State Farm, which writes 21% of the car insurance policies in Tennessee. State Farm is also first among the largest car insurance companies in the U.S.

most popular tennessee car insurance companies

Tennessee Farmers and GEICO are the state’s second and third most popular providers of car insurance. They write 18% and 10% of its auto policies, respectively.

As for the other companies that we found to offer the best rates in Tennessee, Erie is 8th in terms of market share. It writes just under 3% of the state’s car insurance policies. Westfield sits at 20th, writing less than 1% of Tennessee’s auto coverage.

What are Tennessee’s car insurance requirements?

Tennessee law requires the state’s drivers to be financially responsible in the event of an automobile accident. The easiest way to meet this requirement is to get liability car insurance.

If you decide to go this route, you must buy at least the following amounts of auto liability coverage:

  • $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage for each injury or death per accident.
  • $50,000 of bodily injury liability coverage for total injuries or deaths per accident.
  • $15,000 of property damage liability coverage per accident.

Two other ways you can show proof of financial responsibility in Tennessee are:

  • Posting a $65,000 bond with the Department of Revenue.
  • Making a cash deposit of $65,000 with the Department of Revenue.

Of course, you can purchase more than the state minimum amount of liability coverage. You can buy other types of car insurance, too, like collision and comprehensive coverage. You might even be required to get the latter two coverages if you financed your car through a lender.

Penalties for driving without insurance in Tennessee

State law requires Tennessee drivers to carry proof of insurance. If you can’t provide proof of insurance during a traffic stop or after an accident, you could be fined up to $300. You also may lose your vehicle registration until you can prove you’re carrying at least the state-minimum amount of auto insurance.

SR-22 insurance in Tennessee

Tennessee residents who have had their driver’s license suspended due to DUI convictions or other violations must file an SR-22 form to prove financial responsibility. “SR” stands for “safety responsibility”, and an SR-22 form certifies that a driver has at least the minimum amount of auto insurance the state requires.


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