Renters Insurance Expert Advice

Expert advice renters insurance policy including what's covered and what's not covered, mistakes, legal issues, and how to file claims with your insurer.

How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need to Buy?

You need enough renters insurance to cover the value of all your stuff, and to protect yourself from any legal issues.

How to Get the Cheapest Renters Insurance

Looking for low-cost renters insurance for your apartment or home? We can help you find the most affordable option.

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The Best Renters Insurance Companies

Renters insurance should balance coverage, affordability and customer service. Here are our picks for the best companies.

What Is an Interested Party in Renters Insurance?

Adding your landlord as an interested party on your renters insurance helps keep them in the loop about your policy.

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Do I Need to Get Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is not required by law. However, landlords may still require that you get it as part of a lease.

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What Doesn’t Renters Insurance Cover?

Standard renters insurance doesn’t cover everything. This guide can help you understand what renters insurance excludes.

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How Does Renters Insurance Cover Theft?

If you rent and are a victim of theft, are you covered for the loss? Learn here what theft renters insurance covers.

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Renters Insurance with Roommates: Is Everyone Covered?

Sharing apartments with roommates is becoming more common as housing prices skyrocket. But can tenants share their renters insurance?

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How to Get Renters Insurance Fast

If you need to get renters insurance quickly, it's easy. This article will tell you how you can get renters insurance now.

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How to File a Renters Insurance Claim

Filing a renters insurance claim is simple if you get it right the first time. Learn here how to file one quickly.

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Renters Insurance for Unmarried Couples

Everybody says renters insurance is a 'must buy.' But is that still the case when two people in a relationship want to share one of these policies?


Is Renters Insurance Worth It? Here’s Why We Think So.

Renters insurance provides valuable coverage at a low price. This is why we think all tenants should consider getting it.

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Renters Insurance and Bed Bugs

A bed bug problem can be a nightmare for renters. Unfortunately, renters insurance rarely covers pest infestations.

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How Renters Insurance Covers Moving

If you have renters insurance and are planning on moving, find out what your policy does and does not cover.

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Dog Bites and Renters Insurance

If your dog bites someone, you could be on the hook for a lot of money. Renters insurance helps cover the fallout.

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Renters Insurance and Mold Damage

Renters insurance covers mold damage to your personal property if the mold is caused by a covered peril in your policy.