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The Best, Cheapest Home Insurance in Utah

The average cost of home insurance in Utah is $75 a month. However, depending on factors such as the age of your home and where it's located, this rate can vary considerably. We've looked at the biggest home insurance companies in Utah and compared their rates, policies and customer satisfaction ratings to help you find the cheapest, best home insurance available to you in Utah.

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How much is home insurance in Utah?

The average homeowners insurance rate in Utah is $896 a year, or $75 a month. This is 48% cheaper than the national home insurance average of $144 per month.

Comparison of national home insurance average vs. Utah average
Region Yearly average Monthly average
U.S. $1,735 $144
Utah $896 $75

Utah has the fifth-lowest home insurance rates in the country, according to our research. Your premium is affected by a combination of factors including:

  • The policy limits you choose
  • The age of your home
  • The quality of construction materials
  • The location of your home
  • Your insurance claims history

What is the cheapest home insurance company in Utah?

Of the seven biggest homeowners insurance providers in Utah, Allstate has the cheapest average rate of $55 a month. This puts them at 27% cheaper than the state average. American Family has the second-cheapest rate of $60, and USAA comes in with the highest average rate of $86 a month.


Utah's best home insurance companies

Allstate, American Family and Nationwide are the best home insurance providers we found in Utah based on their average premiums, policy offerings and customer satisfaction trends. Here's more on why we think they’re the best for Utah homeowners:

Allstate: cheapest rates in Utah and best discounts if switching insurers

Allstate has the lowest home insurance rate in Utah at $55 a month. Below is a table showing Allstate's cheapest rates in Utah's largest cities:


If you're looking to switch home insurers in Utah, Allstate offers good incentives. Here are some of the discounts Allstate has if you're looking to change your provider:

  • Get up to a 10% discount just for becoming an Allstate customer.
  • If you get a new policy with Allstate seven days before your current one expires, you may save up to 10% on your premium.
  • If you switch to Allstate without a recent claim, you may save another 20%

American Family: cheap rates in Utah and best bundling discount

In Utah, American Family has the second-cheapest average home insurance rate of $60 a month. This table shows Allstate's average rate in Utah's biggest cities.


If you are looking to save even more money in your insurance budget, consider bundling your auto and home insurance together with American Family. Bundling allows you to save money on both policies, plus it cuts down on paperwork by giving you only one bill to pay. With American Family, you can save up to 20% on your home insurance premium and up to 29% on your auto insurance.

American Family also has a good history with claims resolutions. It received a 0.8 rating on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Complaint Index, which measures an insurer's capability to resolve claim issues, such as response time and payout. The national average rating is 1.0, putting American Family in a better-than-average position.

Nationwide: cheap auto insurance rates in Utah and best customer satisfaction

Nationwide's average rate in Utah is $74, just below the state average. Here is how their rates look in Utah's 10 largest cities:


While price is going to be an important factor in comparing and choosing a home insurance company, the quality of care you're paying for is going to be important, as well. Earlier in 2021, J.D. Power published their U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study. This study measured the level of satisfaction home insurance policyholders had regarding damage claims filed.

Of the homeowners insurance companies we looked at in Utah, Nationwide had a rating of 892 out of 1,000. This was the highest rating of the Utah insurers we looked at and well above the national average of 883.

Furthermore, Nationwide received a 0.2 rating in the NAIC Complaint Index, the lowest index rating of the companies we examined. Between these two sources, Nationwide comes out far ahead of its competitors in overall customer satisfaction.

The cheapest home insurance rates in Utah's cities

In looking at which companies have the lowest premiums in Utah's largest cities, St. George has the cheapest average rate of $48 a month with Allstate. USAA has the highest rate of $100 in Ogden, which is still 31% lower than the national average.

Average home insurance rates in Utah's most populated cities
City Allstate American Family Farmers Nationwide State Farm Travelers USAA
Layton $53 $58 $80 $73 $75 $80 $89
Ogden $54 $62 $82 $73 $75 $81 $100
Orem $57 $62 $80 $76 $82 $81 $82
Provo $57 $64 $80 $73 $80 $80 $84
Salt Lake City $61 $66 $79 $78 $73 $80 $77
Sandy $65 $58 $78 $70 $79 $79 $84
South Jordan $56 $54 $79 $76 $75 $79 $77
South Ogden $56 $62 $84 $73 $77 $85 $89
St. George $48 $56 $81 $69 $74 $79 $83
West Jordan $58 $54 $81 $71 $77 $80 $73


We used Quadrant Information Services to generate thousands of home insurance quotes for every ZIP code in Utah from the following providers:

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Farmers
  • Nationwide
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA

Our sample home used the following policy specifications:

  • Personal property coverage: 50% of dwelling ($137,500)
  • Other structures coverage: 10% of dwelling ($27,500)
  • Loss of use coverage: 20% of dwelling ($55,000)
  • Liability coverage: $100,000

The deductible limits used were as follows:

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $1,500
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