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tobacco user that wants to buy life insurance

8 Things to Know About Tobacco Use and Life Insurance

If you smoke or use any kind of tobacco products, read these tips before you shop around for life insurance.

young people shopping for life insurance

Why Young People Should—or Shouldn’t—Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance tends to be viewed as a product that young people—especially single ones who don’t have children—don’t need. But there are a number of reasons for them to buy it.

gold miner with nugget and life insurance

How to Get (Affordable) Life Insurance with a High Risk Job

High risk jobs often lead to higher life insurance rates, but they don’t have to.

couple with life insurance agent

11 Questions for Your Life Insurance Agent or Broker

Whether you're in the process of purchasing a policy or are just interviewing someone to be your agent, here are some questions you should be asking.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

The right amount of life insurance can provide your dependents with financial security in the event of the unthinkable.

man driving drinking a bottle of beer

Life Insurance for People with DUIs

Having a DUI on your driving record can make it difficult to get a life insurance policy, especially at an affordable rate. Here's why a DUI can affect your premium and what you can do to save on life insurance coverage.

Woman with life insurance Smoking

Buy Affordable Life Insurance for Smokers

Are you a smoker looking to purchase life insurance but worried about the cost? We’ve created a guide to help you get affordable life insurance.

wedding ceremony

Life Changes and Life Insurance: Getting Married

Most married couples without children think they don't need life insurance, but many of them could benefit from it.

Wedding Ring

Life Changes and Life Insurance: Getting Divorced

Divorce could mean making changes to your life insurance. This could mean changing beneficiaries or insuring income for the ex and children Here’s everything you need to know about life insurance after divorce.

no exam life insurance plans

No-Exam Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Most life insurance policies require a physical exam, but some can be had without one. While they tend to be much more expensive, there are times when they make sense.

life insurance from employer sometimes insufficient

Is Employer-Provided Life Insurance Enough?

Many employers offer life insurance as a benefit but the coverage provided is seldom enough to meet your family's needs should tragedy strike.

money in jar retirement

Life Insurance After Retirement

Do you really need to own or buy life insurance after you retire? It depends. Here are some examples of when you need it and when you don’t.

men climbing ice covered mountain

Life Insurance for People Who Enjoy Extreme Sports

Do you like rock or mountain climbing, scuba diving, or hang gliding? Those and other risky hobbies could keep you from getting affordable life insurance—if you can get it at all. Here are some solutions.

couple with baby need life insurance

Life Changes and Life Insurance: Having a Baby

There may not be a more compelling reason to buy life insurance than having a baby. As is the case with being a parent, though, there's a lot to learn and consider.

man holding insurance agent card

How to Choose a Life Insurance Company

Having trouble narrowing down the many life insurance providers out there? Here are some tips to help you find a life insurance company that meets your needs.

piggy bank on money

How to Save Money on Life Insurance

Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you save money when shopping for a life insurance policy.

young man shopping for life insurance

10 Reasons People Don't Buy Life Insurance

Many people could benefit from a life insurance policy but still choose not to purchase one. Learn why they should give life insurance another look.