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Average Detroit Car Insurance Rates

How much is car insurance in Detroit, MI? Detroit has some of the highest insurance rates in the country. This is because of a variety of factors including high crime, and insurance fraud. But the main reas on is Michigan's notorious no-fault insurance law which provides unlimited medical benefits for car accident victims.

The average cost of car insurance in Detroit is $6,137 per year for men and $7,450 for women. The average cost of auto insurance in Michigan is $1,231.39 per year. The national average cost is $889.01.

Prices vary depending on several factors. These include your driving record, claims history, your car make and model, and more.

Detroit, MI Average Annual Car Insurance Rates
Coverage Men Women
Liability $3,247 $4,551
Collision $1,969 $1,959
Comprehensive $921 $939
Total Cost Per Year $6,137 $7,450
Price Per Month $511 $621
These average rates are based on our sample quote data. 1

The graph below shows the change in average Michigan rates from 2011 to 2015, the most recent year the data is available. According to the III, Michigan car insurance rates increased from $983 in 2011 to $1,227 in 2015, a jump of $247 dollars, or 25.19 percent.

Michigan average car insurance rates

Detroit, Michigan has some of the highest average car insurance rates in the country. While even QuoteWizard can’t magically make Detroit insurance cheaper, there is a way to be sure that you’re getting the lowest rates you can. How? By comparing quotes from the top national insurance companies and local independent agents. Even if you live in Detroit, you can save up to 40% on your premium.

Last year, 18,745 residents used QuoteWizard to compare car insurance quotes in Detroit, MI from multiple companies to find the cheapest rates.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Detroit, MI

This is our list of the most common car insurance companies reported by QuoteWizard users living in Detroit, MI last year.

Other popular Detroit, Michigan car insurance companies: MetLife, Hartford, American Family, Safeco, Michigan Farm Bureau, 21st Century, and Country Financial.

Top 10 Vehicles

These are the most common car makes and models owned by Detroit drivers requesting quotes through QuoteWizard last year.

  1. Ford Taurus SE
  2. Chevrolet Impala LS
  3. Ford F150
  4. Chevrolet Malibu LS/LT
  5. Ford Fusion SE
  6. Chevrolet Blazer
  7. Cadillac DeVille
  8. Ford Focus SE
  9. Ford Explorer
  10. Chevrolet Trailblazer LS/LT

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan has a minimum coverage requirement known as the 20/40/10 rule. This means each policy must include at least the following three components:

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): PIP pays for your medical expenses if you're injured in a car accident. PIP also covers lost wages and replacement services up to three (3) years. This coverage is theoretically unlimited and is a big reason Michigan rates are so high
  • Property Protection (PPI): PPI covers you up to $1 million for damages your vehicle does to the property of others within the State of Michigan
  • Residual Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability (BI/PD): BI/PD pays for your defense costs and any damages you're liable for resulting from a car accident that killed or seriously injured someone up to the limits of your policy. Michigan requires limits of 20/40/10 which means you're required to have minimum coverage limits of $20,000 per person killed or injured in a crash, $40,000 for each accident in which more than one person is killed or injured, and $10,000 for damage your vehicle does to property in another state

Michigan is one of the 12 US states that have a no-fault insurance system. In no-fault states, accident victims can collect benefits from their own insurance companies, regardless of whether the other party is insured.

Detroit Drivers

A report from Allstate Insurance ranked the drivers in the 200 largest cities in America. Detroit was in the middle, ranking 110th out of 200 cities in this study. Most US drivers go ten years without having an accident. Drivers here are involved in crashes every 8.6 years, 16.6 percent higher than the national average.

Driving Conditions

Driving conditions like weather and traffic congestion are some of the many factors driving your insurance rates higher.


The weather in Detroit, MI varies significantly from season to season. Summers can be scorching hot. Winters can be brutally cold with as many as 44 days below freezing. Detroit experiences a great deal of precipitation throughout the year, either in the form of mist, rain, snow, or a wintry mix. There are 134 days of measurable precipitation annually. Streets can be slick any time of year, so investing in all-weather tires is probably a good idea.

Road Conditions

TRIP reports that 32% of the major roads in Detroit are in poor condition. Another 45 percent of the roads are in mediocre condition. These poorly maintained streets costs drivers $732 a year in extra vehicle operating costs.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion isn’t much of a problem. Detroit, Michigan ranks 169th for worst traffic congestion in the world. The average commuter spends an extra 20 minutes per hour stuck in traffic during rush hour commutes. An additional 76 hours per year is wasted for those with 30-minute commutes.

Moving Violations

Moving violations like following too close, failure to yield, speeding, and drunk driving will give you a bad driving record and require you to purchase a non-standard, high-risk policy. This can have a huge effect on your insurance rates.

Traffic Tickets

Michigan's 36th District Court traffic court website allows you to pay traffic citations and tells drivers how to contest tickets.

SR-22 OWI Insurance

An OWI conviction may require you to obtain an SR-22 form. Request a quote and we'll connect you with local agents from top companies that specialize in Detroit OWI insurance.

Traffic Fatalities

Detroit reported 114 motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2013. With an estimated population of 672,795, this works out to a relatively high fatality rate of 6.10 per 100,000 residents. Detroit is one of the least safe US cities in terms of traffic fatalities.

Vehicle Theft Rates

Detroit reported 5,276 vehicle thefts in 2016. This works out to a rate of 7.79 thefts per 1,000 residents. This rate is more than three times the national rate of 2.20 thefts per 1,000 people. This has a major affect on insurance premiums.

Car Insurance Discounts

Are you looking for affordable car insurance? Discounts are one of the best ways to lower your rates. These are only a few of the auto insurance discounts available to Detroit, MI drivers.

  1. Our study found that Detroit has some of the best drivers in the country. If you have a clean record, check with your insurance company about accident-free and safe driver discounts.
  2. Do you have home or life insurance already? See if you can bundlethem with auto insurance to cut 20 percent off your rates.
  3. Many insurers offer discounts for hybrid, electric, or alternative fuel discounts.
  4. Almost half of Detroit’s population works in the city. If your commute is short, ask about low mileage discounts.
  5. If you’re married, many insurers offer a married couples discount.

Rate Methodology

1 We compared rates from three different insurance companies for 30-year-old male and female drivers with a 2010 Honda Accord. Our rate profiles have a clean driving record and drive less than 10,000 annual miles. Coverage includes state liability minimum of 25/50/10 and 25/50/10 underinsured motorist coverage. Policies also include $10,000 personal injury protection and a $500 comprehensive and collision deductible.

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