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Your neighbors pay as little as $21 a month for coverage.

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Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Florida

On average, renters insurance costs $23 per month in Florida. The annual average of $278 for renters insurance in Florida is slightly higher than the national average of $219 a year. However, more affordable plans are available for as little as $21 per month - a small price to pay considering the coverage offered can be helpful in the event of an emergency.

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Cost of renters insurance in Florida by city

Renters insurance rates vary from city to city in Florida. Jacksonville, which is the most populated city in the state, has an average rate of $252 a year.

City Average monthly premium Average annual premium













St. Petersburg






Port St. Lucie



Cape Coral






Fort Lauderdale



Note: Average rates are based on online quotes from GEICO. Your rates may vary.

Price is obviously an important factor to consider when selecting a plan. If your renters coverage seems a bit expensive, keep in mind there are many ways to save on your monthly premium.

  • Increase your deductible.
  • Pay for your policy up front for the entire year, as opposed to monthly.
  • Bundle your renters insurance with another type of insurance.

How much can you save on renters insurance in the Sunshine State?

How to compare renters insurance companies in Florida

Comparing renters insurance companies is a great way to get the best rates and coverage since there are many renters insurance companies in Florida. Coverage may vary slightly between companies, but for the most part, renters insurance coverage is standard. Given that, a great way to decide between different renters insurance companies is to compare their customer service and satisfaction ratings.

We used two metrics to measure customer satisfaction with different renters insurance options. The first is the J.D. Power overall satisfaction score, which rates companies out of 1,000. Our second metric is the NAIC Complaint Index, which compares the number of customer complaints to the size of the insurance company.

Company J.D. Power overall satisfaction rating* NAIC Complaint Index (lower is better)**




State Farm



American Family












Liberty Mutual









Note: *Ratings from J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Home Insurance Study. **Complaint Index is based on 2020 data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

American Family scored well on both metrics, receiving an 838 from J.D. Power and a 1.19 in the NAIC Complaint Index. For information on these insurers, check out our study of the best renters insurance companies in the U.S.

Best for discounts: Allstate

If you're 55 or older and retired, we recommend Allstate for your renters insurance coverage because you can get up to 25% off your premium. Allstate also offers a bundling discount, which can lower your premium if you purchase both renters and auto insurance from the company.

Best for online quotes: GEICO

If you're looking to get an online renters insurance quote, we recommend GEICO. You may have trouble getting an online quote if you live in Florida. With GEICO, you can get an estimated price of your renters insurance coverage through its website.

Best for coverage: American Family

We suggest American Family if you're looking for an insurer that provides extensive coverage. American Family offers optional renters insurance coverages that aren't usually offered by competitors, such as travel protection for renters and home office protection. Travel protection covers trip cancellation and global medical insurance. It can also keep your belongings safe while you're traveling. American Family's home business coverage offers liability coverage and business property protection for small businesses.

Renters insurance quotes in Florida

It is important to do due diligence when shopping for a renters insurance policy. We recommend comparing renters insurance quotes from several companies before making a decision. While the quotes may seem similar in price and coverage limits at first glance, they can vary quite a bit. Be sure to see what specifically is covered.

One way in which policies can vary a lot is whether or not they offer replacement cost or actual cash value coverage. This refers to the money you will receive if you have to make a claim and that claim is paid out.

  • If you select a plan that offers replacement cost coverage, you will receive the price you paid for the damaged or lost item without considering depreciation of the item's value over time.
  • If you select a plan that offers actual cash value coverage, depreciation of the item's value over time will be factored in when a claim is paid out.

Adding riders to your quote

A standard renters insurance policy has coverage limits for your belongings. If your belongings aren't fully covered by your renters policy, you may be able to purchase a rider. Riders increase your coverage limits or expand your coverage for items like jewelry or expensive pieces of artwork.

Florida renters insurance laws and regulations

Renters insurance is regulated at the local level, and laws vary from state to state. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation protects tenants in the state of Florida. They have regulations concerning cancellation and nonrenewal of policies, among other laws and guidelines.

While renters insurance is not required by state law in Florida, landlords can require that tenants purchase a renters insurance policy. Also, the location of your rental unit can affect what is or is not covered, so it is important to check your quote thoroughly. For example, some areas in Florida are not eligible to receive windstorm coverage under a basic policy. Check to see if your rental unit is in the "Wind-Pool" area of Florida before purchasing your policy.

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