State and City Renters Insurance Guide

Renters insurance rates, laws and companies vary depending on where you live. Learn more about your renters insurance options in your area with our local guides. 

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Renters insurance is an affordable way to keep you and your things safe. And when you consider that the average cost of renters insurance is just $15 a month, it's an easy investment to make.

But even though average rates are pretty affordable, it's important to know that rates vary depending on where you live. For example, we found that Mississippi has the highest renters insurance rates at $22 a month. On the cheap end, renters in North and South Dakota are only paying $10 a month for renters coverage.

The differences don't stop there. Every state and city has different laws and renters insurance companies that will impact your coverage options. We'll break it down for you with our state and city renters insurance guides. And we make it easy for you to compare renters insurance quotes to find your ideal policy at a great price.