Renters Insurance Rate Factors

Everything you need to know about renters insurance rate factors including credit ratings, your location, and more.

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13 Renters Insurance Rate Factors

A number of factors determine how much you pay for a renters insurance policy. Here's everything you need to know about them and how they impact your monthly premiums.

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How Location Impacts Your Renters Insurance Rates

From metropolitan cities to other rural landscapes, the US offers a variety of places to settle down in. But what role does location play in protecting your possessions?

Bundling renters and auto insurance

How to Bundle Your Auto and Renters Insurance

Learn how to get multi-policy discounts by bundling your renters and auto insurance policies.

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How Your Credit Score Impacts Renters Insurance

If you’re looking to rent an apartment or home, you may be required to get renters insurance. What is and isn't covered? How does your credit score affect getting a policy? How do you get a good premium if you have bad credit? This article means to help you answer many of the questions involved.