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Best homeowners insurance companies in North Dakota

If you're a homeowner in North Dakota, you're looking at an average rate of $1,323 a year for home insurance. This puts the average home insurance premium in the state at $68 higher than the national yearly average of $1,215, making North Dakota the 18th most expensive state for homeowners insurance in the country.

We looked at home insurance premiums, policies and claim satisfaction records of the main providers in North Dakota so you can find affordable quotes. Here's what we found:

How much does homeowners insurance cost in North Dakota?

The average cost of home insurance in North Dakota is $110 a month. The table below breaks down how home insurance rates in North Dakota have changed over the past few years in comparison to the national average. North Dakota average home insurance rates have increased at a faster rate than the national average, especially in the last couple of years.

Average cost of home insurance in North Dakota
  Today 2017 2016 2015
North Dakota annual average $1,322 $1,253 $1,239 $1,200
North Dakota price per month $110 $104 $103 $100
U.S. annual average $1,215 $1,211 $1,192 $1,173
U.S. cost per month $101 $101 $99 $98
Note: Average rates for today are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary. Data from 2015-2017 sourced from NAIC.

Home insurance premiums may vary depending on which provider you insure with. We recommend that you compare home insurance quotes from different companies before purchasing a policy. The graph below shows how the rates of the largest home insurance providers in North Dakota compare.

north dakota average home insurance rates

Best homeowners insurance companies in North Dakota

We looked at home insurance companies operating in North Dakota. Auto-Owners, North Star Mutual, Country Financial and Farmers came out as the front of the pack for best home insurance companies. Here's why:

Auto-Owners: cheapest home insurance rates

Auto-Owners home insurance policyholders pay an average rate of $849 a month. This is $474 lower, almost 36% less, than the state average.

On top of low rates, Auto-Owners also provides above-average customer care. J.D. Power, a consumer rating agency, gave Auto-Owners an above-average four-out-of-five Power Circle ranking in its 2019 home insurance study, the fifth highest in the study. This reflects Auto-Owners’ claims satisfaction capability. Furthermore, Auto-Owners has a 0.20 rating on NAIC's Complaint Index. The lower a company’s index rating, the fewer claims complaints a company has. Auto-Owners’ score is far below the National Complaint Index of 1.0

Auto-Owners home insurance is only provided through independent agents. However, its rankings from J.D. Power and NAIC are good indicators of the quality of the agents with whom they work. Auto-Owners provides home insurance policies in 26 states, including North Dakota.

North Star Mutual: second-cheapest rates in North Dakota

North Star Mutual home insurance prices come in at an average $984 yearly, or almost 26% less than the state average of $1,323. In addition to low home insurance rates, North Star Mutual offers some of the most customizable policies in North Dakota. North Star Mutual offers coverage for:

  • Watercraft and recreational vehicle liability
  • Backup of sewer, drain and sump pumps
  • Replacement cost coverage for contents coverage
  • Umbrella liability
  • Identity fraud expense

North Star also offers multiple discounts to reduce your rates even more:

  • If your home is new or has been recently renovated, you could qualify for a discount.
  • If you are 50 years old or more, you may get a mature homeowners discount.
  • You can earn a home insurance discount for a roof that is less than 5 years old, you may be able to get a discount on your premium.
  • You can save even more for bundling your home insurance with an auto or life insurance policy.

Country Financial: best customer care

Of the home insurance providers currently operating in North Dakota, Country Financial has the lowest NAIC Complaint Index score in the state of 0.12. This is almost a third of the state average complaint rating of 0.32 and far below the national average of 1.0.

Country Financial's focus on customer care has been acknowledged by industry experts as well. In 2019, Country Financial earned J.D. Power's Customer Service certification for Property-Casualty phone operations, based surveys from Country Financial policyholders and audits of Country Financial operation centers.

Depending on how much home insurance coverage you need, Country Financial has different policy options. It offers a standard home insurance policy, but it also has a premier policy that covers power surges to appliances, paint spillage and other types of damage not normally covered by home insurance. They also have a combined coverage policy that covers your personal property under basic coverage and the structure of your home under premier coverage.

Farmers: best discounts

Farmers’ average home insurance rate of $1,317 is barely below the overall state average of $1,323. However, it offers multiple home insurance discounts to bring your premium down:

  • Updating your home with a qualifying fire detection or security system may earn a discount on your home insurance rates.
  • Doctors, teachers police officers and other public sector employees are eligible for a discount.
  • If you bundle your home insurance with a life or auto insurance policy, it can save you money on both policies.
  • Not filing a claim for three years can lead to a rate reduction.

Furthermore, if you go five years or more without a claim with Farmers, your next claim will not result in a home insurance premium increase. You can also earn $50 yearly that goes towards your home insurance deductible every year your policy is in force.

Biggest homeowners insurance companies in North Dakota

The chart below offers a view of the current home insurance industry in North Dakota by market share.

North Dakota home insurance company snapshot
Company Market share 2019 J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating NAIC complaint index (lower is better)
State Farm 15.7% 4/5 0.20
American Family 12.2% 3/5 0.32
Farmers Union Mutual 9.2% - 0.20
Nodak 8.1% - -
Auto-Owners 6.7% 4/5 0.20
Farmers 6% 3/5 0.37
North Star Mutual 5.6% - 0.39
MetLife 4.5% 2/5 0.20

Home insurance rates in North Dakota, by city

There is a fair amount of fluctuation between home insurance rates in North Dakota. Most of them are distant enough from each other to not have any real bearing on each other's premiums. Of the 10 most populated cities in the state, West Fargo has the lowest average yearly home insurance rate of $1,147, while Bismarck has the highest average premium, at $1,504 yearly.

Average annual home insurance rate by North Dakota city
City Average yearly home insurance premium
Fargo $1,170
Bismarck $1,504
Grand Forks $1,177
Minot $1,221
West Fargo $1,147
Williston $1,281
Dickinson $1,484
Mandan $1,473
Jamestown $1,275
Wahpeton $1,270
Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

Homeowners insurance rates in North Dakota, by county

The spectrum of average North Dakota home insurance rates is a bit higher on the county level than on the city level. Grand Forks County has the lowest average home insurance rate of $1,219 a year and Hettinger County has the highest yearly average rate of $1,552.

Average annual home insurance rate by North Dakota county
County Average yearly home insurance premium
Adams $1,530
Barnes $1,257
Benson $1,261
Billings $1,474
Bottineau $1,237
Bowman $1,543
Burke $1,326
Burleigh $1,492
Cass $1,236
Cavalier $1,246
Dickey $1,283
Divide $1,306
Dunn $1,486
Eddy $1,258
Emmons $1,532
Foster $1,305
Golden Valley $1,487
Grand Forks $1,219
Grant $1,500
Griggs $1,275
Hettinger $1,552
Kidder $1,444
LaMoure $1,289
Logan $1,379
McHenry $1,314
McIntosh $1,353
McKenzie $1,320
McLean $1,441
Mercer $1,508
Morton $1,516
Mountrail $1,332
Nelson $1,287
Oliver $1,535
Pembina $1,238
Pierce $1,255
Ramsey $1,238
Ransom $1,270
Renville $1,312
Richland $1,290
Rolette $1,224
Sheridan $1,369
Sioux $1,516
Slope $1,487
Stark $1,476
Steele $1,295
Stutsman $1,307
Towner $1,248
Traill $1,255
Walsh $1,241
Ward $1,269
Wells $1,363
Williams $1,300
Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

Home insurance perils in North Dakota

The higher home insurance rates in North Dakota in comparison to the rest of the country mostly come down to extreme weather. North Dakota is in a rather unfortunate "sweet spot" in the Midwest. It’s far enough north for blizzards in the winter, but also far enough south for tornadoes in the summer. The damage that both weather types can do add risk to your home.


North Dakota gets an average snowfall of 38 inches yearly. The snow tends to be fairly light, however heavy winds combine with the snow to create extreme blizzard conditions that can damage your home.

Damage from wind and snow is often covered under your home insurance. However, it is in your best interest to make sure that the structure of your house is properly protected from such extreme elements. A hole in your roof during a blizzard can cause immense internal damage.


North Dakota has an average of 32 tornadoes annually, with the majority of them occurring during the summertime. In the summer of 2019, tornadoes touched down near Wahpeton, Breckenridge and Rostad in a single day.

If you live in North Dakota, the trend towards extreme winds is more than enough reason to make sure your coverage limits are enough to cover the total loss of your home. If tornado damage to your home goes over your homeowners insurance limits, the remaining damage could easily need to be repaired out of pocket.


We compiled quotes for every ZIP code in North Dakota from seven of the top insurers. We based our analysis on data from Auto-Owners, North Star Mutual, Farmers Union, MetLife, Farmers, Nodak Mutual and Country Financial. We gathered quotes for a home worth $217,352, built in 1979 and owned by a 55-year-old. These are the median home value, construction date and homeowner age in North Dakota.

pWe picked the insurers for our study using S&P Global Market Intelligence, which ensured results as localized to North Dakota as possible. The largest subsidiary in North Dakota of every insurer was taken as a representative for the company.

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