Navigating Medicare can be overwhelming, even if you’ve purchased your own health insurance in the past. You have several options to choose from, including Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance. It takes some work to figure out which type of Medicare is right for you, as well as which plan covers everything you need. We can help you with this.

The internet is a great place to start your research, but you may find yourself in need of someone to talk to. That’s where a Medicare agent or broker can help. These are licensed professionals who can educate you about Medicare and help you enroll in a plan. At QuoteWizard, our Medicare agents provide guidance at no cost to you, and there is absolutely no obligation to enroll. Before you give them a call, here’s some additional information about what Medicare agents do and why they may be a helpful resource for you.

What is a licensed Medicare agent?

A licensed Medicare agent, sometimes referred to as a broker, partners with health insurance companies to help you enroll in a Medicare plan. In order to get licensed, a Medicare agent must know the ins and outs of Medicare, be able to compare plans, explain benefits and determine eligibility. They are trained to help Medicare beneficiaries choose the right plan for their needs and budget.

Usually, there is no fee to work with a Medicare broker. They get paid by the insurance company so that they can offer free services to Medicare beneficiaries. There is never any obligation to enroll in a plan just because an agent has helped you.

Why should you use a Medicare broker?

Medicare agents can provide information about the Medicare plans available to you. You not only have multiple types of Medicare available to you, like Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement, but you also have a large selection of different plans to choose from. Deciding what type of coverage to choose from can be a difficult decision, but that’s where a broker can help.

A Medicare broker can help you narrow down your options and pick the best health insurance plan for you. They’ll ask about your:

  • Health needs
  • Budget
  • Preferred doctors
  • Medications

With this information, they can present you with plan options that check all the boxes. Once you decide on a plan, a Medicare agent will then walk you through the enrollment process and make sure that your application gets sent to the health insurance company for review.

A good Medicare agent will be thorough, ask a lot of questions and explain the benefits of each plan they recommend for you. The goal is to make you feel confident in your Medicare decision.

Why should you choose a QuoteWizard agent?

At QuoteWizard, we have a team of licensed and knowledgeable Medicare agents available to help you. Their help is always free for you and there is no obligation to enroll. Here’s how they can help:

Navigate Medicare: Our licensed agents are trained to find the best plan for you. They can answer all your Medicare questions, ranging from the basics of Medicare Parts A and B to complicated topics like the prescription drug donut hole. They can break down the types of Medicare coverage and explain the pros and cons of each. From there, they can walk you through the plans available in your area and explain the benefits in detail.

Compare plans: We work with the top health insurance companies in the nation, whereas some Medicare brokers only work with one or two. That means that we can show you a wide array of plans and compare your options. With more options to choose from, you’re more likely to find a plan that’s within your budget and meets your medical needs.

Medical underwriting: If you decide to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan (also called Medigap) and you’re not in your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP), you may be required to go through medical underwriting. A Medicare agent can help determine if you’ll meet the underwriting requirements and qualify for the plan.

Enrollment assistance: Once you’ve decided on a plan, our Medicare agents will help you complete the enrollment application. They will walk you through each section and make sure that it’s accurate and complete. From there, it will be sent to the health insurance company for review.

How do I find a Medicare agent?

If you would like to work with a QuoteWizard agent, just call (855) 906-0601. We’ve got a team of licensed agents ready to help!

You can also visit and use the Find Local Help tool.

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