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Lee Prindle

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Lee is a Seattle native and a graduate of the University of Oregon. He will write about anything. Lee is half Brazilian which means he loves playing and watching soccer. He is also extraordinarily passionate about cooking and eating good food. ​​​

Articles By Lee

Gap Insurance

If you’re planning to buy or lease a new vehicle, it may be smart to spend a few extra dollars to add Gap coverage to your car insurance policy.

Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-owner car insurance is for people who don't own a car but may need to borrow or rent a car, or are legally required to maintain coverage.

Car Insurance for Rideshare Drivers

Are you a Lyft or Uber driver, or do you plan on becoming one? Here’s what you need to know to make sure you have the right types and amounts of car insurance.

No-Fault Insurance

Learn more about no-fault car insurance including which states have it, what it covers, and how it restricts the right to sue.

Full Coverage Car Insurance

Learn what full coverage car insurance is, where to get it, how much it costs, and whether or not you need it.

Why Is My Car Insurance So Expensive

It seems that every year insurance companies raise your rates. It doesn't even matter how good a driver you are. When your premium renews, you're probably going to be paying more. There are many reasons why insurers keep raising rates. Some are less obvious that others. Read on to learn why you will almost certainly pay more for auto insurance this year.

Cost Benefit of Defensive Driving Courses

Taking a defensive driving class is a smart way to save money on your car insurance premium

best car insurance companies

Find the best car insurance companies for teen drivers, high-risk drivers, claim satisfaction, multi-car families, classic cars, military members, overall policy value, safe drivers, and more!

Best Insurance Companies For Roadside Assistance

There are many companies that offer roadside assistance, and finding the one that most suits your needs isn't easy. QuoteWizard reviewed over 30 auto insurance companies on their roadside assistance programs to find the top 10 best programs.

cost of teen car insurance

If you're a teenager, or the parent of a teenager, you know firsthand how expensive car insurance is for teens. Car insurance for adults is expensive enough, but rates skyrocket for teen drivers.

Marijuana Car Insurance and the Law

The legal issues surrounding marijuana laws, driving, and car insurance are enough to leave you dazed and confused.

Cost Benefit of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

A good attorney is expensive, but a DUI is much more expensive. We did the math to find out whether or not hiring a DUI lawyer is a good investment. Spoiler alert: it is.

Small Accidents

Sometimes filing a claim with car insurance carriers may not seem like it’s in your best interest, especially when you're involved in a minor fender bender. Read on to help determine when it makes sense to file a claim and when it doesn't.

Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage

You may think that your car insurance covers you in the event of a flood. But if you only have a basic insurance policy, you're probably not covered by water damage. You need comprehensive coverage.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional Living Expenses coverage helps you pay for increased housing, transportation, food, and other costs after you home is damaged or destroyed

Homeowners Insurance First Time Buyers

What first time homebuyers need to know about homeowners insurance when shopping for a policy to protect their new investment - their first house.

Public Insurance Claim Adjusters

After filing a claim, you might not feel satisfied with your insurance company's settlement offer. A public insurance adjuster can help you negotiate a better claim result.

Cancer Insurance

Find out whether cancer insurance makes sense for you, which companies sell it, and how to avoid the pitfalls of cancer health insurance policies.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health Insurance

Many patients want alternative health care, but getting insurance coverage can be tough. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your health insurance.

Infertility Treatment Coverage

You're mostly out of luck if you get health coverage through the federal marketplace, Medicare, or Medicaid. If you get it through an employer, though, it may just help you pay for this often-pricey medical care.

When to Get a Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare doesn't cover everything. Medicare Supplement plans provide extra coverage and fill Medicare's gaps. But they're not necessary for everyone. Find out whether or not you need a Medicare Supplement plan.

13 Reasons to Update Your Insurance Every Year

It's easy to forget to update your insurance plans when things change. But if you don't, you might overspend or miss out on valuable coverage.

Nashville Drivers With Tickets or Accidents Pay More For Insurance If They're Women

Nashville is known as the 'city of music,' and their car insurance rates have drivers singing the blues – especially women with spotty driving records. If you live in Nashville, brace yourself:

Do You Tip Uber and Lyft Drivers?

Should you tip your Uber or Lyft driver? Almost certainly. Find out why tipping rideshare drivers is more important than ever

Washington State Car Insurance Getting More Expensive

Car insurance rates in the Evergreen state are climbing. Washington, home to apple orchards, Boeing, rain and Microsoft, is also home to growing car insurance premiums.

Best and Worst Drivers in Texas

Texas, known as the Lone Star State, is the second most populous state in America. With nearly eight and a half million vehicles registered in Texas, it's also the state with the second most cars.

The Best and Worst Drivers By City

With the Fourth of July on the horizon, America's roads are busier than ever. Using 2 million driver data points, QuoteWizard determined which of America's 75 most populous metro city areas have the best and worst drivers.

Comprehensive Insurance Guide for Seniors

Insurance – especially health – is vital for every senior. But there's a lot to consider. What kind of plan do you need? How much coverage should you have? We'll tell you everything seniors need to know about every kind of insurance.

Filing a Claim After a Natural Disaster

Suffering a natural disaster is one of the toughest things many people will ever experience. Navigating the complexities of insurance during a disaster is a tall task. But there's a lot you need to know about filing a claim in the wake of a disaster.

Best and Worst Drivers by State 2017

From non-existent turn signals to an inability to grasp the zipper merge, many drivers‘ skills behind the wheel leave a lot to be desired. Every person seems to think their hometown has terrible drivers. At the same time, it's never a surprise when you're cut off by a car with an out-of-state license plate. Big picture, it might be a good rule of thumb to just assume every other person on the road is a bad driver.