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How our Pricing Works

Each of our insurance lead products is competitively priced based on special carrier discounts, risk category, product type, and current promotional offers. QuoteWizard offers several product types designed to accommodate any budget. Connect with your ideal local customers in real-time, seconds after they submit a quote request. Most agents will qualify for either a deposit match or up to 30% off your leads on top of our already affordable pricing model.

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Additional Discounts and Benefits For Every Dollar You Spend

QuoteWizard's WizardRewards programs rewards insurance agents for every dollar deposited, lead received and agent referred. The program rewards our agents with points that unlock unique account benefits and additional pricing discounts on our already affordable leads.

Vacation Time

Never get frustrated by the lack of flexibility in pausing your account. Earn points towards additional vacation time with every dollar spent and lead received.

Additional Discounts

QuoteWizard gives you more discounts the more you spend. Earn up to 50% off your Auto, Home or Renter leads with our WizardRewards program.

Lead Schedule

QuoteWizard knows that agents need account flexibility. With our WizardRewards program you can unlock the ability to create a lead schedule to receive leads when it is most convenient for you.

Loyalty Program

The more agents invest with QuoteWizard the more WizardRewards can provide. The more you pre-fund your account, the more points you will start with! Also, you will unlock the ability to credit leads if they do not meet your chosen filter criteria.

QuoteWizard is hands down the best lead company that I have used and I have used almost all of them. They have helped me build my business through controlling my lead volume, expense level and helping me close the maximum amount of leads that our office can handle. I recommend QuoteWizard to everyone!
- Matt D., Insurance Agent Find Out More

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Territory is awarded on a first come first served basis. QuoteWizard can filter your leads by state, country or radius of a zip code to match your marketing demographic. Taking a larger territory will increase lead volume and create more opportunity for sales!


Special Pricing

QuoteWizard has strong partnerships with most of the major carriers. These partnerships can provide your agency with additional subsidies and savings on our lead products. If you are an independent agent or broker you may still qualify for special programs and pricing.

Bulk & Volume Discounts

If you are a sales leader or regional manager and interested in a customized or high volume lead program please direct all inquires to

Bulk and Volume Discounts

Corporate Partners

Farmers Insurance

QuoteWizard is proud to be a Folio deductible and Basic Marketing Package approved vendor. We are fully integrated with the SIMS platform and we have also developed specialized pricing and filter packages to help Farmers agents target their most competitive demographics.

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COUNTRY FINANCIAL representatives qualify for specialized packages through the COUNTRY CO-OP program. These specialized packages integrate with Navigator and come with excellent perks and benefits to help agents best manage their accounts.

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Thru the Nationwide Co-op program agents receive a great value on their leads with corporate reimbursement. QuoteWizard is a favorite among Nationwide agents because of our award winning lead value.

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QuoteWizard has been working Allstate agents for over 10 years and we are a proud member of Allstate's Executive Advantage Program

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