Steve Bowen

Steve Bowen


Editor & copy writer for QuoteWizard who is equally comfortable writing copy, managing a team of writers, or producing a functional specification document

Articles By Steve

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Step 4: Closing the Deal

Now that you have received multiple car insurance quotes, compared coverage and rates, it is time to pick your policy.

How to Find the Right Car Insurance Step 1: Assess Your Needs

We want this to be a start-to-finish guide for people who are unfamiliar with car insurance and want a thorough overview of the subject. Buying car insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. As long as you understand how policies work and which types of coverage you need, you can be confident about your insurance purchase. Ideally, by the end of the guide you will be able to select the right policy for you, at the right price.

3 Signs Your Auto Insurance Company is Overcharging You

Do the confusing bills you get from your auto insurance company make you wonder if you are being overcharged? Here are 3 signs you are paying more than you should.

Car Insurance for Young and Teen Drivers

Planning on adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy? Brace yourself for a significant rate increase. Find out how much and why.

Using Cell Phones While Driving is as Bad as Drunk Driving

Motorists talking on cell phones drive as badly as if they were drunk. Find out why you should put the cell phone away and focus on the road when driving.