Adam  Johnson

Adam Johnson

Content Manager

Adam’s five plus years at QuoteWizard has seen him cover a broad range of the insurance industry from both the agent and consumer side of the business. Starting out on the agent side, Adam launched the Agent Resource blog aimed to help agents maximize their lead programs. On the consumer side, Adam wrote extensively in Auto and Home insurance focused on the rate factors of both products. His primary focus is now on insurance data and it's impact on insurance rates. Data driven studies on the best and worst driving states, and car ownership vs rideshare have been featured on major news sites like DailyMail, TheNextWeb, Yahoo Finance and Geekwire. Adam holds a journalism degree from Seattle University, where he covered SU sports for campus newspaper The Spectator.

Articles By Adam

The 10 Weirdest Insurance Polices Ever

There are more insurance policies out there than just for auto, life, home, or renters. In fact, there are some pretty weird policies that exist.

5 Ways to Increase Lead Conversion

After speaking with thousands of agents, we've compiled a list of the top five ways to increase lead conversion and strategies for each method.

Insurance Lead Statistics and Trends for 2014

Examine 2014 in regard to your company's success. There are some surprising yet insightful statistics and trends we've learned about insurance leads.

Insurance Leads in the Digital Age

There are countless steps you can take to grow your insurance agency. Converting to an online platform is a sure fire way to gain more leads.

How Insurance Leads are Generated

Online insurance leads are a great way to augment your current strategy so we'll explain where they come from and how are they generated in a brief infographic.

Insurance Marketing Tools for a Small Budget

Marketing on a small budget can offer great benefits over large companies that employ an entire marketing department, with a CMO and several marketing strategists.

Understanding Online Insurance Consumers

Understanding what makes an online insurance consumer tick can help you break down barriers so you can communicate effectively and ensure mutual benefit for you and your customers.

7 Tools to Make Closing Leads Easier

Getting leads is one thing, but making them close is a whole other ballgame. Using the right tools will help make closing leads easier than before.

Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents

Today, more and more insurance agents are discovering the benefits of using social media to ramp up their marketing strategies.

Successful Insurance Marketing Metrics 101

Using marketing metrics can help your insurance company analyze performance data better and also gain a clearer sense of how your company is doing.

Nurturing Leads & Growing New Business

Nurturing your leads throughout the sales process can bring you closer to closing and developing a lasting relationship with your customers.

Gain an Edge: Beat the Competition and Close More Policies

We want our agents to be ahead of the insurance game. That's why timing, great sales skills, and an easy process are key to closing more policies.

Key Platforms for Selling Insurance via Social Media

Insurance agents are now more than ever looking to social media to expand lead territory and conversion. These platforms are key to success.

Consumer Risk Perception & Purchasing Insurance

It's an agent's job to emphasize the importance and benefits of having insurance to his customers. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.

How to Score Insurance Leads in 4 Simple Steps

Separating qualified from unqualified leads can benefit your insurance agency. We have approaches you can use to determine the quality of your leads.

Email Tips for Better Lead Conversion

Email marketing is an incredibly strong sales tool for insurance agents. These tips can help improve your email marketing make your conversion rates increase.

Life Insurance Resources for Agents

September brings yet another Life Insurance Awareness Month. Learn about how to highlight the benefits of life insurance to your customers.

Finding Customers with a Larger Lead Territory

For insurance agents, the bigger your lead territory, the more opportunities there will be for leads and sales. Expand your business to be successful.

Q&A with Stuart Ganis: Maximizing Your Leads

We sat down with Stuart Ganis from Ganis Consulting, Inc. and asked him about ways agents can maximize sales opportunities using insurance lead management programs.

Using Annual Insurance Reviews to Reconnect with Customers

Be a part of your client's success story. Consider reviewing your year with your customers and offer them ways to set attainable goals for the future.

Success Means Acting Fast on Insurance Leads

Act fast on your leads and increase your conversion rates with these important steps, and make a great first impression on your customer.

Insurance Lead Management: Tips for Efficient Sales Tracking

There is a systematic way of going about capturing insurance leads. To get the best, you have to be the best, meaning calling and e-mailing nonstop.

3 Tips To Boost Life Insurance Sales

Every September life insurance agents can take advantage of the great resources offered by the LIFE Foundation to help promote Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Leads

As of September 15, QuoteWizard is now in the industry of Medicare Supplement Insurance (MedSup or Medigap) leads. Like other lead types, our Medicare Supplement leads are generated with intent in mind.

Loaning Your Car

What happens if someone borrows your car and gets into an accident? Find out if you're covered by your auto insurance when you loan your car to a friend or family member.

Car Insurance and Moving to a New State

Not updating your car insurance when you move to a new state can cost you.

Why Did My Car Insurance Rates Go Up

Wondering why your car insurance company raised your rates? It may have more to do with your carrier’s profit margin than your driving record.

Home Improvement Remodel

Find out how to insure your home improvement or remodeling project including the risks associated with the work being done as well as the final results.

Remodeling and Homeowners Insurance

Remodeling your home can increase or decrease your home insurance rates. Find out which improvements will cost you more, and which will save you money.

Top 10 Most Popular Cars Driven by Millennials

With 71 Million estimated Millennials in America today, they’re closing in on becoming America’s largest generation. Millennials are the trend setters in industries like technology, but the auto

Safest Driving Cities in Colorado

The harsh winter conditions in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado make road conditions among the most dangerous in the country. Overall, Colorado tends to be pretty seasoned drivers in the snow, and

Pennsylvania’s Best and Worst Driving Cities

The fifth most populated state in the country, Pennsylvania logged 101.1 billion car miles in 2017. All those miles create a ton of risk for drivers in the Pennsylvania roads.

Where do New Jersey’s Distracted Drivers Live?

Distracted driving is a serious problem across America. What parts of New Jersey have the highest rate of distracted drivers?