Key findings:

  • Texas 14th best driving state in the country.
  • 11% of Texas roads in poor conditions costing drivers $682 annually.
  • 17th most distracted drivers in the country.
  • Round Rock, Cedar Park and Lewisville worst driving cities in Texas.
  • Laredo, Texas City and Corpus Christi best drivers in Texas.

As a driver in Texas do you ever feel like drivers are the absolute worst? In some places you would be absolutely correct. However, our driver data from Texas would indicate that overall Texas drivers are actually pretty good. All the factors we evaluated for the Texas driver grade came from over 100,000 insurance quotes from users of Along with data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to score Texas drivers. Factors in the driver report are based on the following:

  • Driver quality in cities
  • Distracted drivers
  • Driver quality by age group
  • Road infrastructure
  • Car insurance increases

Texas driver grade: B+. A well deserved B+ for drivers of Texas scoring well across all factors. Texas has seen improvements in QuoteWizard best and worst driving state studies over the years. In 2016 Texas ranked 20th best drivers and in 2018 improved to 14th best. Even Austin, one of Texas worst driving cities was on 37th worst in our best and worst driving city study. Solid rankings in QuoteWizard studies on distracted drivers and infrastructure make the B+ grade well earned.

Best and worst drivers in Texas

When looking at the top 10 worst driving cities the Austin metro area is the worst drivers in the state. Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park are all in the same area and are all bad drivers. Round Rock and Cedar Park are typical of bad driving cities. Suburban cities with highway traffic in and out of the big city is common place for more incidents.

On the other end, the best driving cities in Texas are mostly on the southern end of the state. Laredo, Corpus Christi and El Paso are all cities on the furthest southern borders and coast line. The best driving cities certainly make a case for the south being better than the north in Texas.

To determine overall driver quality in Texas, we analyzed driver quality in the states 50 largest cities who used to compare quotes. We then ranked the worst 10 and best 10 cities by the highest rate of incidents. Incidents include accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and moving citations from that data. Cities with the highest rate of incidents were listed as the worst driving cities.

Worst driving cities in Texas

Rank (worst) City
1 Round Rock
2 Cedar Park
3 Lewisville
4 Amarillo
5 Euless
6 Carrollton
7 Fulshear
8 Odessa
9 Austin
10 Midland

Best driving cities in Texas

Rank (best) City
1 Laredo
2 Texas City
3 Corpus Christi
4 Grand Prairie
5 Lubbock
6 Beaumont
7 San Antonio
8 Waco
9 Houston
10 El Paso

Texas infrastructure rating

QuoteWizard conducted a study on America’s infrastructure and which states had the best and worst roads. We analyzed FHA data to rank states on road and bridge quality and found Texas to be the 17th best for overall infrastructure. Rankings were a composite score of the following factors:

  • Roads in poor condition (%): Texas 11%
  • Cost per motorist (due to roads in need of repair): Texas $682
  • Bridges structurally deficient (%): Texas 1%

Texas ranked pretty well for infrastructure due to the low rate of 11% of roads in poor conditions. The 1% of bridges was also one of the lowest in the country. However, the annual cost of $682 per driver was on the high side. The 11% of poor roads might become problematic in the future given that Texas only spends 15% of highway spending on road repairs.

Best and worst drivers by age group

It comes as no surprise that the 20 year old age group has the highest rate of incidents. That includes accidents, speeding tickets, DUI’s and citations. Insurance companies take note of the younger age groups being a higher risk. Insurance rates will typically go down for drivers older they get. However, in Texas, unlike other states the older group of drivers also experience a higher rate of incidents.

texas age group drivers

Most popular vehicles by age group

Texans love their trucks. The Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle among all three age groups. The Chevy Silverado is also a top vehicle in each age group. Even while millennials are driving expensive vehicles like an F-150 and Silverado, they’re still not spending as much on vehicles as their older counterparts. Wealth by age group can play a role in why millennials spend less on vehicles.Wealth gaps might not tell the whole story of why millennials are spending less. Better public transportation and ridesharing like Uber and Lyft is a preferred alternative for millennials.

Millennials (23-38)

Average MSRP $24,628

Most popular Model MSRP
1 F-150 $28,495
2 Altima $24,100
3 Camry $24,295
4 Silverado $28,300
5 Focus $17,950

Gen X (39-54)

Average MSRP $27,467

Most popular Model MSRP
1 F-150 $28,495
2 Altima $24,100
3 Silverado $28,300
4 Ram 1500 $32,145
5 Camry $24,295

Baby boomers (55-75)

Average MSRP $26,098

Most popular Model MSRP
1 F-150 $28,495
2 Camry $24,295
3 Silverado $28,300
4 Rouge $25,300
5 Altima $24,100

Car insurance getting more expensive in Texas

Car insurance is getting more expensive around the country. Every state has experienced an increase in premiums from 2012 to 2016. Texas is among the states that has seen the largest increase in car insurance rates. A 22% increase between 2012 and 2016 is well above the national average of 15%.

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