Velocify’s tagline is to “accelerate sales performance.” These three words capture exactly what the company strives to offer to insurance sales teams that are looking for ways to better organize their leads. By providing an automated, mobile-device-friendly platform you take anywhere, Velocify makes sure that your priority insurance leads are always in your agents’ line of sight, and that follow-up is happening on a regular, consistent basis.

What They Do:

Velocify offers several different sales automation software products that are designed to improve the structure and response of your sales team overall. Their platform integrates with almost any existing sales software you use, so you don’t have to overhaul your entire system to access their features.

Who Benefits:

Velocify currently serves over 600 agents, insurance company owners, and brokers. All products are geared toward the markets of auto, home, rental, health, life, and commercial insurance.


The three primary software products Velocify offers are Velocify LeadManager, Velocify Dial-IQ, and Velocify for Salesforce.

  • Velocify LeadManager is a sales automation solution designed to help manage high-velocity sales environments. This software connects to more than 1,400 lead providers to eliminate duplicate leads, distribute leads in a way that makes sense for your business, prioritize tasks, and manage both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Velocify Dial-IQ increases selling speed and efficiency by streamlining the outbound and inbound call process. The software prioritizes local agent-customer connections, offers no-hold transfers, manages phone-email-text communications, and even provides data outcomes so you can better manage calls in the future.
  • Velocify for Salesforce relies on cloud computing to help you manage a large sales team and volume of leads. Assign leads in a way that makes sense for your team, establish a cohesive brand and approach, prioritize daily tasks, and monitor your team’s success all in one easy location.

Ease of Use:

One of Velocify’s primary benefits is that it offers cloud-based operations that provide real-time updates and information through an automated process. This means that your sales team doesn’t have to install bulky software or regularly log their calls and sales into a system. They can access the Velocify products from their smartphones (including their popular iPhone app) and on the go, keeping them constantly in touch.


Different pricing structures exist depending on the size of your sales team and organization. They serve businesses with as few as 2 to 10 sales team members all the way up to sales companies with over 100 agents to manage. Standard packages start out at $60/user.


Velocify’s solutions help sales teams by organizing lead information so that you always stay on top of prioritized leads, appointments, and call backs. Their software options prioritize sales opportunities and automate email and text communication so you never drop the ball. Velocify also has the advantage of being partners with hundreds of lead providers, which means they’re a major force in the insurance lead management market. If you want to integrate a large amount of information into a platform that’s easy for your entire team to tap into, then the Velocify line of products might be the perfect fit.