In the coming weeks we will be running an independent review blog series of our top lead management software partners; Contactability, Velocify, Dial Your Leads, Blitz and Call Logic. This blog series is meant to provide our agents with educational reviews, in hopes the right lead management software can help increase lead conversions. It’s our goal to provide the best quality leads, and to partner with the best lead management software to help agents maximize lead conversion.

Why use lead management software?

When QuoteWizard delivers a lead to an agent 40% of the process is complete, the other 60% is in the hands of the agent. These days it’s less about being the best salesman or having the best price, and more about having the best sales process. The online shopper persona demands instant gratification in their request for a quote. To compete for the business of online shoppers it requires instant response and a diligent follow up. Managing such a demanding process in the digital age requires lead management software. Agents using lead management will convert twice as many leads as those who don’t. Our most successful agents are using lead management software to automate their sales process, covering follow ups and tracking their results. QuoteWizard is integrated with the top lead management software companies to deliver real time leads to an automated sales process.


Speed of contact is the key to winning business of the online consumer. Delivering the instant gratification of a quote response puts you front of the line to convert that lead. Lead management software is equipped with automated tools to get you connected as soon as a lead is generated. Auto dialers will call your office and instantly connect you with a lead. Automated email workflows deliver emails at precise points of the sales process. Automation allows you to be the first agent in contact with a lead, 78% of the time leads close with the first agent to contact them.

Follow up

Lead qualification allows you to prioritize your leads so your time is used effectively to close business or follow up at the optimal time. Contact doesn’t always happen on the first call, nor are consumers ready to buy upon first contact. Lead management software gives you the ability to disposition and score your leads so that they are organized in your sales funnel. This way you and your staff are spending your efforts closing warm prospects and nurturing colder ones.


Lead management software is equipped with robust data reporting on very user friendly dashboards. It tracks your calling metrics, contact rates, and the organization of your sales funnel. Having that analytical insight gives you the ability to make data driven decisions and optimize your management strategies.