Kayda Norman

Kayda Norman

Content Writer

Kayda Norman is a content writer for QuoteWizard, where she writes car, homeowners, and health insurance blogs daily. Her work has been featured on Health.com, Rodale Wellness, and Seattle Refined. She holds a degree in journalism and lives in Seattle, Washington.

Articles By Kayda

Does My Car Insurance Cover Me in Canada and Mexico?

Depending on where you live, Canada or Mexico could be closer than neighboring states. This proximity makes them ideal locations for a road trip, but do you need more car insurance before hitting the road?

Top Summer Insurance Considerations

Can't wait to break out your pool, boat, or trampoline this summer? Before you do, consider getting extra insurance to protect yourself from potential damages.

What to Do If You're Denied Car Insurance

Almost all states require you have car insurance before you hit the road. Here are some common reasons why you might be denied coverage.

Car Insurance for Snowbirds

Whether migrating to a Florida beach or the Arizona desert, snowbirds need to comply with insurance laws in the state where they’re spending the winter.

13 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim Was Denied

Learn the common reasons why car insurance claims are denied. And find out how to prevent it from happening to you. We also tell you what to do if your claim is rejected.

Popular Car Insurance Apps

Want to file your car insurance claim quickly and easily? There’s an app for that! Filing a claim is easier than ever with car insurance apps.

Insurance Discounts for Multiple Cars

If you own more than one vehicle, you're eligible for a multi-car discount. Find out how much you can save with this popular insurance markdown.

Discounts for Bundling Insurance Policies

Are you looking to lower your insurance rates? If you need to buy more than one type of insurance, learn how bundling your auto with home or life policies can save you money on your insurance.

The Best Homeowners Insurance Apps

Inventorying your stuff may be a hassle, but you’ll be glad you did if you ever have to make a homeowners insurance claim. Here are some of the best home insurance apps and online tools.

What If I Can't Get Home Insurance?

Some homeowners have difficulty getting insurance through no fault of their own. Here's what you can do to get the coverage you need.

Flood Insurance for Renters

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Despite this, most renters don’t have flood insurance. Learn what flood insurance covers, and what else you can do to protect yourself.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Care with Medicare

Learn which dental, vision, and hearing care benefits you can get through Medicare and how to find coverage for the procedures it doesn't cover.

Do You Need Burial Insurance?

Funerals are expensive, often costing more than $7,000. Burial insurance can help cover these costs. That way no one has to worry that their passing will be a financial burden on their loved ones.

11 Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance isn't just for people who have kids or the elderly. Here are the top reasons you need to buy coverage.

Life Insurance for People with DUIs

Having a DUI on your driving record can make it difficult to get a life insurance policy, especially at an affordable rate. Here's why a DUI can affect your premium and what you can do to save on life insurance coverage.

Getting Life Insurance When You Have Heart Disease

Getting life insurance when you have heart disease might seem impossible, but it's still attainable. Here's how to get life insurance if you have this pre-existing condition.

Study: Insurers Less Accident Forgiving for Las Vegas Drivers

A recent study shows that insurance companies are far less forgiving of Las Vegas drivers than they are of motorists in other cities

Study: Detroit Michigan Car Insurance Company Rates

Detroit Michigan has the highest car insurance rates in the US, almost double the national average. Not surprising, when you consider the city has some of the worst crime in the country and is recovering from bankruptcy.

FEMA Announces Sweeping Flood Insurance Reforms

Marking the biggest changes to the NFIP in 17 years, private insurance companies will face stricter regulations on claims appeals.

Obsessed with Pokémon Go? Make Sure You Have Enough Car Insurance

Recent reports show that Pokémon Go can be dangerous—even deadly—for addicted users.

Do Auto Insurers Discriminate Against Drivers in African-American ZIP Codes?

A new study shows that drivers living in African-American ZIP codes may pay almost 200 percent more for car insurance even if they are good drivers.

Does Home Insurance Cover Firework Injuries and Damage?

Hosting a Fourth of July barbecue this year? Think twice before you set up a fireworks display, or even hand out sparklers.

Study: Atlanta Georgia Car Insurance Company Rates

Unlike the rest of the nation, women in Atlanta spend more on car insurance than men. Find out just how much Atlanta drivers spend on average for car insurance.

Senator Pushes for Benefits for Rideshare Drivers

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke out against Uber and Lyft, bringing up the question of whether or not rideshare drivers are full-time employees.

Study: Phoenix Arizona Car Insurance Company Rates

No matter how old or young you are, we created this report to let you see how much car insurance in Phoenix Arizona costs and how you may be able to lower your rates.

Supreme Court Sends Obamacare Birth Control Case Back to Lower Courts

The Supreme Court failed to reach a decision regarding the Affordable Care Act's mandatory contraceptive coverage policy.

Are you Prepared for a Rough Hurricane Season?

Hurricanes can cause billions of dollars in damages. Follow these tips to get ready for hurricane season and protect your home and car.

Summer Fun Comes with Increased Driving Risks

The summer heat brings its own set of dangers including heatstroke and a spike in traffic. Stay safe with these tips.

Usage-Based Car Insurance: Drive Less and Save More

Switching to usage-based car insurance could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Find out if it's right for you.

Canadian Wildfires in Alberta Force Over 80,000 to Evacuate

A massive wildfire in Alberta, Canada has destroyed over 2,000 homes. Here's how to make sure you're prepared in case of a fire.

Are You at Risk for a Dog Bite Insurance Claim?

Your dog may be more costly than you think. Over one-third of all homeowners insurance claims are for dog bites.

2016 Predicted to Be Most Active Hurricane Season Since 2012

According to The Weather Company, this year is expected to be the most active tropical storm season since 2012. They predict there will be 14 named storms, eight hurricanes, and three major (Category

Recall on Takata Airbags Largest in U.S. History

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on May 4th that the Takata airbag recall now affects 23 percent of American cars, or about one in every four cars in the country.

Top 5 States with the Highest and Lowest Home Insurance Rates

Your location plays a big factor in determining your home insurance costs. See if your state has one of the highest (or lowest) rates in the country.

Houston Flooding Destroys Over 1,700 Homes

The April Houston flood was just one in a series of floods that have hit the South. Do you have protection if a flood hits?

Even Small Hail Can Do Large Amounts of Damage

Even small hail can damage your car. Learn how to protect your vehicle from hailstorms and how to avoid them in the first place.

US Winters are Getting Wetter, and That's Bad for More Than Skiers

Wetter winters are causing natural disasters like wildfires and floods. Here's what you need to know to make sure your home and car are protected.

Study: Columbus Ohio Car Insurance Company Rates

Age matters in Columbus—at least when it comes to car insurance. Based on a recent study, QuoteWizard found that drivers aged 18 to 24 pay over $225 more a year for car insurance than those who are 25

QuoteWizard Debuts Safe Driver Scholarship 2016

QuoteWizard is offering a $500 scholarship to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Find out how to enter here.

8 Things You Need to Know About Cars with Rebuilt Titles

Buying cars with rebuilt titles can save you serious dough. But is it worth the risk? Find out what you need to know before you commit.

What the FAA's New Drone Rules Mean for You and Your Insurance

The FAA recently announced its first official rules for commercial use of drones. Here's what you need to know before you fly your UAS.

Study Finds Two Out of Three Teens Use Apps While Driving

Forget texting, a new report shows teens are more likely to use apps while driving. Here's how to prevent this deadly habit.

Why Health Insurance Rates are on the Rise and 10 Ways You Can Save

Health coverage costs are predicted to go up for both Obamacare and private insurance plans. Here's how you can save.

Canada’s Life Insurers Do a 180 on Marijuana Use; Is the US Next?

Two major Canadian life insurance companies have agreed to classify marijuana users as non-smokers. Is the US next?

Everybody Knows Distracted Driving is Dangerous, but What About Drowsy Driving?

With about 83.6 million Americans driving while sleep-deprived every day, drowsy driving is one of the biggest safety concerns in the US.

Hackers Are Breaking into and Stealing Cars; Could Yours Be Next?

Hackers have found a way to break into your car without leaving behind a trace of evidence. What this means for auto insurers, and how to prevent these attacks.

How Insurers Are Attracting New Customers (Including Millennials)

Insurance companies, struggling to grow their customer base, are turning to unique methods in order to attract millennials and other potential consumers.

2018 Obamacare Open Enrollment: Important Dates and Deadlines

Everything you need to know about 2018 Obamacare open enrollment including dates you need to know, how to apply, and what healthcare plan is best for you.