Justin Brown

Justin Brown

Agent Marketing Content Manager

Diverse, professional marketer with experience managing both large and small content campaigns (concept to analysis), paid advertising (ppc/social), web/print design, email marketing, social media, landing page testing/design, and trade event marketing.

Articles By Justin

Body Language Indicators and Interpreting Customer Cues

Body language indicators are an important skill to recognize a prospective customer's intent. These small tells can help determine if your lead is close to committing, on the fence, or completely uninterested.

What You Need to Know About Lead Management Software

We reviewed four lead management software companies to help insurance agents understand their options with details of what each company provides and their differences.

Live Transfers: What You Need to Know and How They Work

Live Transfer Leads are a great supplemental product for agents who rely on referrals as a bulk of their business. Here's what you need to know and they work.

Who Are Millennial Insurance Customers Really

Here's how to make better connections with Millennial insurance customers and why you should care if you're looking to reach and build a younger book of business.

How to Close More Sales When You're Not the Cheapest Option

Consumers often rely heavily on price as their primary function of comparison shopping, but if you're not the cheapest option, that doesn't mean you're out of luck.

Live Lead Transfers: 6 Reasons to Use Them in Your Sales Strategy

Live lead transfers offer agents an immediate connection to new prospects by phone. Here are 6 reasons you should fit them in at your agency.

11 Insurance Marketing Sins Agents Make with Email and How to Fix Them

Learn common insurance marketing sins that agents make in email and how to fix it campaigns to develop a strong strategy to gain more referral business.

Hiring Insurance Producers: A Guide for Agency Owners

Consider these tips when you're looking for a new insurance job or if you're an agency owner looking to hire a new producer to support your agency.

7 Practical Tips for Selling Life Insurance to Millennials

Use these 7 practical sales tips when selling life insurance to younger, Millennial aged prospects and customers.

Live Transfer Insurance Leads vs. Other Lead Generation Methods

Live transfer insurance leads offer agents a way to increases close and contact rates considerably when compared to other, more common lead generation methods.

Newsjacking: Using National News to Increase Your Local Authority

If you are in the insurance business, you see almost everyone as a potential customer. Determining how best to reach your prospects, and engage them with insurance marketing content, is the sort of

Content Marketing: Insulate Your Agency from Market Changes

Use these ideas to market your agency and increase your local authority to help insulate your business from market fluctuations and seasonality.

9 of the Best Ways to Generate Your Own Insurance Leads

Here's 9 of the best ways to market your agency to generate your own insurance leads and save you some time and money in the process.

How to Lose Money Buying Online Insurance Leads

Thousands of agents are successful with online insurance leads. Here's how the other agents burn through a marketing budget by misunderstanding these leads.

11 of the Best Mobile Apps for Insurance Agents

There's an app for just about everything. Here we highlight 11 of the most useful mobile apps for insurance agents to connected and keep organized.

Improving Focus and Sales: Tips for the Busiest Sales People

Are you having trouble focusing and wondering how to improve focus at work? These tips can get you back on track in no time

How to Get Call Backs: Tips from Millennials

How to Get Call Backs from Millennials: Advice From Your Youngest Prospects. Have you ever wondered why your insurance prospects aren’t getting back to you?

Direct Insurance and the Need for Experienced Agents

Over the last several years, the emergence of the online marketplace as a dominant center for consumer activity among younger, more technologically savvy adult customers has led to some discussion about the future of the independent agent model.

6 Rules for Closing Online Insurance Leads

Any agent can buy online insurance leads. Many are doing just that every day.