Erin Ollila

Erin Ollila

Contributing Writer

Hi! I'm Erin Ollila, writer and content strategist. I help brands and businesses embrace storytelling as an integral part of their sales strategy.

Articles By Erin

Fire Prevention Tips for Home Insurance Customers

October is Fire Prevention Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity for insurance agents to connect with their clients. Share these tip to keep people safe!

A Practical Guide to Selling Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a great product to attract new customers! If you're renting any living unit, consider buying a renters insurance policy today.

Learn How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety in Sales

Conquer your public speaking fears with these simple and easy tips. In no time, you'll be selling insurance like a real-time pro.

4 Sales Emails Your Customers Actually Want to Receive

Don’t let your sales emails find their way to the trash. Here’s how to craft emails that will convert prospects into customers.

6 Insurance Marketing Ideas to Gain More Business

Insurance marketing ideas are everywhere you look but the key is testing what works best for your agency. Try these six suggestions to see what gets you the best return on your marketing spend.

Where to Find Sales Inspiration in Books, Podcasts, Movies (and More)

Where do you look for sales inspiration when you’re out of the office? Here are a few ways you can spend your downtime getting motivated for your next sale.

Cold Calling Introductions That Start Conversations

The key to mastering introductory cold calls is being a confident talker. Here are cold calling introductions to move past hello (without getting hung up on).

Upselling Insurance Products & Using It to Increase Customer Value

Up-selling insurance products is a great way to increase a customer's lifetime value. Learn how to use this technique to increase sales and offer more value.

Insurance Marketing with Social Media: Tips for a Sound Strategy

Use these valuable tips to help you develop a sound social media based insurance marketing strategy to reach a larger prospective audience.

Insurance Sales Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Customers

Review these 8 common insurance sales strategies that help attract and close new, qualified leads as well as retain existing customers.

The Rio Olympics: Managing Risk for Sport

Risk management at the Olympics was a valid question of security, logistics, and protection, well before the games began. Now that the games have officially close, did they succeed?

How to Sell Life Insurance Successfully with 5 Simple Tips

Knowing how to sell life insurance successfully hinges on an agent's ability to effectively leverage consumer touch points and communication channels. Here are 5 tips to help agents succeed.

Earning Back Client Trust After You've Lost It

Even the best salesperson make mistakes. If you find yourself in the wrong, and are wondering how to earn a client's trust back, don’t hesitate. Take immediate action.

7 Inspirational Sales Quotes for the Toughest Days of Selling

These seven inspirational sales quotes will boost anyone’s mood – even on the days when selling seems impossible and nothing is going right.

Health Insurance Enrollment Dates: a Quick Agent Summary

If you’re cold calling companies or buying qualified leads to broker health insurance, you need to stay up-to-date with health insurance enrollment dates.

12 Steps to a Compelling Insurance Presentation

Use these 12 easy steps to make your next insurance presentation to new prospects standout. The results will speak for themselves.

26 Sales Questions Agents NEED to Ask Insurance Leads

Ask these conversational style sales questions to your insurance leads to keep the discussion flowing and provide more in-depth information about their intent and needs.

The Ultimate Insurance Agents Mixed Tape

Find sales inspiration with this mixed tape specially formatted with songs that relate to the daily grind of insurance agents everywhere.

Developing Customer Touch Points for Better Responses

You take pride in your customer service, which is why when you lose customers or can’t close a deal, you’re crushed.Crushed.So what can you do to ensure your customer’s happiness? Their experience is