Cody Solomon

Cody Solomon

Marketing Manager

I've been a marketer, in one capacity or another for 8 years. I've touched the following industries: travel, consumer electronics, insurance, and finance in both B2B and B2C roles.

Articles By Cody

Insurance Leads in 2015: The Face of the Modern Consumer

Insurance customers and their expectations have likely changed more in the past five years than at any other point in the last century. Rapid technology advances and rich online information portals

Strategies for Success with Insurance Leads

To be a successful insurance agent, there are several strategies out there you can use to close with the insurance leads you want.

The Evolution of an Insurance Lead Generator

We sat down with our Vice President of Operations, Ian Smith, for a more detailed look at how QuoteWizard is changing the Internet lead industry.

How to Address Common Sales Objections

Objection handling is a part of any sales role and knowing a little about each customer ahead of time or just understanding some common techniques for handling resistance can go a long way.

Insurance Lead Buying Tips from High-Volume Buyers

To maximize your leads, we've provided tips from big lead buyers to help you get the necessary tools to be successful with buying leads.

Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Insurance Awareness Month happens every September providing agents with marketing support specific to the life insurance market. Use these concepts to get the conversation and your sales kick started.