Cate McGehee

Cate McGehee

Content Writer

Cate McGehee is an experienced journalist, blogger, marketing specialist, and dog walker. For QuoteWizard, she covers insurance-related news with special interest in public health, policy, and changing technology. Her work has appeared in the Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Vice, Huffington Post, the Seattle Review of Books, and others.

Articles By Cate

Tracking Down Billions in Unpaid Death Benefits

How a tiny, no-name auditing firm turned the life insurance industry upside down—and shook out its pockets

The Verdict on Vaping and Insurance

In case you haven’t heard, a new trend is bringing nicotine back in a big way. The industry of vaping and e-cigarettes has exploded. But are e-cigarettes healthier than regular ones? How strict should regulations be? And how does all of this impact health and life insurance?