Cate McGehee

Cate McGehee

Content Writer

Cate McGehee is an experienced journalist, blogger, marketing specialist, and dog walker. For QuoteWizard, she covers insurance-related news with special interest in public health, policy, and changing technology. Her work has appeared in the Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Vice, Huffington Post, the Seattle Review of Books, and others.

Articles By Cate

The Verdict on Vaping and Insurance

In case you haven’t heard, a new trend is bringing nicotine back in a big way. The industry of vaping and e-cigarettes has exploded. But are e-cigarettes healthier than regular ones? How strict should regulations be? And how does all of this impact health and life insurance?

Got Questions About Pet Insurance? We’ve Got Answers

Did you know that the first pet to be insured was the famous TV collie Lassie? The industry has come a long way since Lassie’s policy in 1982. There are now 11 pet health insurance companies and over 1.4 million insured pets.

Who Will Pay the Price for the Zika Virus in America?

Will mothers, insurance companies, or the government cover the costs of vaccines? What about maternity and birth defects?

What the Aetna-Humana and Anthem-Cigna Mergers Mean for the Future of American Health Insurance

The grim consequences of for-profit insurance in America, and what happens when there isn’t enough competition.

Tracking Down Billions in Unpaid Death Benefits

How a tiny, no-name auditing firm turned the life insurance industry upside down—and shook out its pockets

Wearable Technology Could Redefine Underwriting and Save the Life Insurance Industry

Biometric trackers could create a faster, less invasive underwriting process that appeals to younger generations.

The Tech Battleground Behind V2I

Audi just made headlines for a car that talks to traffic lights, but the real V2I competition isn't between auto manufacturers.

The Best and Worst Drivers by State

QuoteWizard paired two million data points with state fatality info to determine the best and worst driving states in the nation —and to help settle a few rivalries, too. We also provided an indication of how all 50 states rank in 2016.