Best Car Insurance Rates in Saint Paul, Minnesota

On average your neighbors pay $65 a month.

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Saint Paul is the capital city of Minnesota. If you’re a Saint Paul driver looking for affordable car insurance quotes, we’ve got what you need.

Average Saint Paul Car Insurance Rates

How much does car insurance cost in Saint Paul , MN? St. Paul has a vehicle theft rate that’s almost twice the national average. Despite this, drivers here are safe, with few accidents. That's why car insurance rates here are much lower than the national average. On average, the average cost of auto insurance in Minnesota is $787.74, compared to the national average price of $889.01.

Prices may vary depending on your driving record, zip code, coverage limits, and coverage.

Minnesota Average Car Insurance Rates
Coverage Rates
Liability $456.82
Collision $234.40
Comprehensive $184.27
Total Cost Per Year $787.74
Price Per Month $65.64
Source: Facts + Statistics: Auto insurance

The graph below shows the change in average Minnesota rates from 2011 to 2015, the most recent year the data is available. According to the III, Minnesota car insurance rates increased from $696 in 2011 to $787 in 2015, a jump of $91 dollars, or 13.18 percent.

Minnesota average car insurance rates

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Last year, 36,820 people used QuoteWizard to get a car insurance quotes comparison in Saint Paul , MN from multiple companies to find the cheapest rates.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Saint Paul, MN

These are the most popular car insurance companies reported by QuoteWizard users in Saint Paul, Minnesota last year. Of those drivers, 4,567 were uninsured when they requested a quote.

Top 10 Vehicles in St. Paul

These are the most popular car makes and models owned by Saint Paul, MN QuoteWizard users.

  1. Toyota Camry LE
  2. Chevrolet Impala
  3. Honda Accord EX
  4. Ford Focus SE
  5. Ford F-150
  6. Honda Accord EX
  7. Chevrolet Malibu
  8. Honda Civic EX
  9. Chevrolet Impala LS
  10. Toyota RAV4

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul, Minnesota has a minimum coverage requirement known as the 30/60/10 rule. This means each policy must include at least:

  • Individual Bodily Injury Liability (BIL): $30,000.
    The most your insurance company will pay for someone injured in a car accident.
  • Total Bodily Injury Liability: $60,000.
    The maximum your insurer will pay for multiple people injured in a car accident.
  • Property Damage Liability (PDL): $10,000.
    The total amount your insurance provider will pay for property damage caused by a car accident.

Recommended Coverage Levels

Legally speaking, you only need minimum coverage to get on the road. But relying on just minimum coverage will set you up for big problems later. The minimum doesn’t cover collision or comprehensive coverage. Should your accident go beyond the range of your policy, you could owe a lot.

In order to assure you have adequate coverage, we recommend the following: 

  • Individual Body Injury Liability: $100,000 
  • Total Bodily Injury Liability: $300,000 
  • Property Damage Liability: $100,000
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage

Saint Paul Drivers

If you live in an area that has a history of accidents, it can raise your rates. Our study on the best and worst drivers by state shows that Minnesota is the second worst driving state in America! These rankings account for accidents, DUIs, citations, and speeding tickets. That’ll certainly impact insurance rates for Saint Paul’s drivers.

Driving Conditions

Factors such as weather, state of the roads, and traffic can affect your insurance rates. Drivers in areas with risky driving conditions bring higher premiums.


Saint Paul has hot and humid summers as well as cold and wet winters. Both provide driving risks. During the summertime, the humidity can tax your engine and give it a lot of problems leading to breakdowns and accidents. Minnesota has one of the toughest winter climates in the country. Snow and icy rain lead to terrible tire traction. Be careful out there!

Road Conditions

15 percent of Minnesota roads are in poor condition. Potholes are a constant concern in St. Paul. They increase crash likelihood and cause long-term damage to your shock absorbers.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic between St. Paul and Minneapolis is challenging at best. You can expect longer commutes to and from work daily.

Moving Violations

Tickets and accidents can increase the cost for auto insurance. If you have many citations under your belt, you may need to buy high-risk auto insurance. That means higher premiums and, in some cases, policy cancellation.

Traffic Tickets

The Saint Paul Police Department wrote 18,828 traffic citations in 2017. This is a 137 percent increase over citations in 2016. Too many citations lead to higher insurance rates. Tickets can cost you time and money. Be aware of how fast you’re going at all times.

DUI and DWAI Arrests

If you are arrested for a DUI in Saint Paul, you will have your driver’s license revoked for 90 days. If you refuse a sobriety test or blow a BAC of .16 or more, you’ll earn an automatic license suspension. Criminal penalties for DUI include up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

On top of these risks and the risks to your own health, DUIs will increase your rates. Our study found that drivers with DUIs pay $830 more per year for car insurance!

SR-22 DUI/DWAI Insurance

Minnesota does not require you to file an SR-22 form as proof of financial responsibility in the event of a DUI. However, if you have an SR-22 in another state you’ll need to fulfill the SR-22 requirement with that state.

Car Accident Statistics

High accident rates result in higher insurance costs. Saint Paul has the second most dangerous street intersection in Minnesota. Insurers calculate high-risk routes in the area when figuring your premiums. Driving carefully helps everyone’s rates.

Traffic Fatalities

The Saint Paul Police Department has taken serious steps to keep traffic fatalities low. Their actions have helped reduce traffic fatalities in 2017 to record levels.

Vehicle Theft Rates

Areas that have many car thefts. Saint Paul reported 2,048 auto thefts in 2017.

Car Insurance Discounts in Saint Paul

Looking to save money on your car insurance in Saint Paul? There are many discount options available to lower your premiums:

  1. Do you have more than one car? See if your insurer provides a multiple car discount
  2. Bundling your car insurance with your home or renters policy can reduce your premium by as much as 20 percent
  3. Are you married? Insurers may offer discounts to married couples 
  4. Install up-to-date safety features and anti-theft devices your vehicle.
  5. If you’re 55 or over, see if a senior citizens discount is available 
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