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What can a driver with a splotchy record do? A few tickets or accidents don't mean you should have to pay exorbitant rates.

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It's no secret that drivers with perfect records and impeccable credit scores get the best insurance rates. So what are you supposed to do if you're one of the millions of Americans with accidents and tickets? Insurance agents realize that accidents happen, and that not every ticket is a sign of a negligent driver. Some actually specialize in providing inexpensive coverage to drivers with multiple incidents.

If your insurer recently raised your rates because of an accident, ticket, or change in your credit rating, it might be time to look elsewhere for coverage. At QuoteWizard, we'll take a look at how many incidents you've had and connect you with an agent that's a good fit. Don't assume that you're going to get the same high rates with every company just because of a couple tickets. Each provider has a unique way of determining risk—it's not an exact science.

It'd be nice to have a perfect driving record—just like it'd be nice to have flawless SAT scores and perfect teeth—but not everyone does. Don't let a few minor slip-ups keep you from cheap auto insurance. There are agents out there that understand, and QuoteWizard can help you find them.

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