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Someone broke into my car. What does auto insurance cover?

Find out what insurance covers if someone smashes your window and breaks into your car. Stolen items may not be covered by your auto insurance company

What auto insurance covers if someone breaks into your car and breaks the window

What does your auto insurance cover? Not very much. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will only pony up funds to repair any damage a thief has done to your car. Typically, this includes broken widows, damaged locks and dismantled ignition systems. If your car is actually stolen, you'll be covered for the value of the vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive coverage, contrary to its name, doesn't cover any loose belongings inside the car, which are usually what thieves are after in the first place. When it comes to replacing cell phones, iPads, iPods, iPhones, DVDs, CDs, laptop computers, purses and wallets, work tools, laptops, and any other items stolen, it's up to your homeowners or renters insurance to pick up the slack. This means you'll probably have to file two separate claims (and pay two separate deductibles) to get reimbursed for everything that was taken or damaged.

Learn more about home insurance or renters insurance and how you can protect yourself in the event of theft.

What is Covered by Comprehensive Car Insurance
Car Insurance Renters/Home Insurance
Shattered Windows CDs, DVDs
Broken Locks Laptop Computer
Stolen Stereo (Stock) Sports Equipment
Tampered Ignition iPod, iPad, iPhone, or other cell phone
Cosmetic Damage Jewelry
Airbags Work Tools
Broken Glove Box Purse or Wallet
Custom Wheels GPS System

Stolen Aftermarket Car Stereos and Accessories

If you have aftermarket components or upgraded stereo systems, it's crucial to speak with an agent to make sure that these items are protected. Many policies only cover things that are permanently attached to your car, so electronic items that can be easily removed are not always covered.

Protect Yourself From a Car Break In

At QuoteWizard, we connect you with home and auto insurance agents that can bundle together a truly comprehensive policy. It's stressful dealing with a break in, but even more so if you find out that your auto insurance won't replace everything that was stolen.

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