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5 New Ways To Save Money On Auto Insurance

The way that consumers find and purchase auto insurance is changing. Smart shoppers have realized that they can save money by requesting free auto insurance quotes online. Here are five ways to save in the new online economy:

1. Shop Online with Several Companies

Auto insurance companies use a lot of the same ranking factors to set premium costs, but each one is different. Some companies are great if your driving record is perfect. Others are best for drivers with tickets or accidents. A site like can help you compare auto insurance rates and find the right provider for you.

2. Find a Smaller, Specialized Insurance Company that Fits Your Needs

Lately, the national, big-name underwriters have shifted their higher-risk coverage into small subsidiary brands. Also, most states have smaller, local insurers that specialize in writing higher-risk auto insurance polices. Their rates are far more competitive than the national brands if your driving record is less than perfect. When you shop around for auto insurance in your area, you'll get an idea of what smaller, local options are available.

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